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Search results

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    average MPG towing with the ecodiesel

    Just returned from a New Mexico to Alaska round trip. I was hauling 21ft slab front 3,900 lb full size travel trailer with 600 lbs of gear in the bed (covered by a BakFlip2) and 3 BIG guys in the cab. Tried to stay at the posted speed on whatever road I was on and got 13.5 mpg avg on the trip...
  2. 7

    How many miles on your ecodiesel and have you had any problems?

    43000 miles. 2015 bought new June 2015. just finished a trip from New Mexico to Homer, Alaska towing a TT. No problems since I bought the thing! Great mileage and comphy ride.
  3. 7

    New tires

    I put Michelin A/T2 275/65/20 load range E on mine. Love them 60psi and still rides smooth. Truck has the air suspension system and unless in entry mode no rub at all. Pricey? YES! and I lost 1 mpg. BUT they raised truck 1" and I am not fretting about where or when I go or what I tow...
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    Not 30mpg club but....

    Took mine from NM to NY when it had only 350 miles on it. Ran posted speed limit + 5 entire way to and from. Avg 25.6 mpg.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Have had 7 MOPAR 4x4s over the years and have been looking at the eco since my brother bought one last year. Finally got mine. A 2015 Big Horn Crew cab 4x4. Still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles!