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Search results

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    Muffler delete 2020 Ram 1500 ECODIESEL

    Not familiar with what the PO is, but if your EcoDiesel is straight piped and you have someone rev it stand behind it and it is fairly loud. Not loud like Lamborghini loud but fairly loud for a regular street vehicle. Nice part is it never gets very loud in the cab. If you look up YouTubes of...
  2. M

    Low oil pressure

    I like your setup TC, was this involved to install? How much did it cost?
  3. M


    Welcome Bchurch, a tune will definitely help mileage. I averaged closer to 25 before tuning even when being easy on the pedal. I think the tune is definitely worth the time and money if you are in a state that you can do it. Here’s my mileage for the last month or so. Took this pic yesterday...
  4. M

    Truck died while driving and wont restart now

    Any possibility this is the reluctor wheel. Are you showing a check engine light?
  5. M

    have 2007 w/6.7 diesel-looking to downsize to new 1500 with ecodiesel-looking for advise on the durability of this engine

    I believe the durability has improved some over the years. But honestly you don’t buy the EcoDiesel for durability. You buy it for efficiency. It’s king of that mountain. Expect to have problems and you won’t be surprised when you do and maybe even pleasantly surprised when you don’t. But...
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    Muffler delete 2020 Ram 1500 ECODIESEL

    Not entirely the case If this were so there would be no need for the muffler. The muffle does partly dampen the exhaust sound. Mine is removed. It won’t help you much though. On thing that does help is removing all the sound dampers in the engine bay. Although, these also help some to keep...
  7. M

    Loud turbo grind on idle down and when shutting off engine.

    Think possibly turbo bearing’s going?
  8. M

    Loud turbo grind on idle down and when shutting off engine.

    Seems to originate from the intake air box. And you can hear it pretty loud through the exhaust as well. Little bit of blue smoke is present as well. No drop in boost or performance.
  9. M

    How to tell if your ECU has been tuned.

    Good to know. Thanks.
  10. M

    How to tell if your ECU has been tuned.

    Your saying your truck doesn’t drive? Like it won’t go in gear? Or doesn’t start?
  11. M

    How to tell if your ECU has been tuned.

    The ECU is the computer that runs your engine. An ECU tune is when a company rewrites the software that run the engine and optimizes it. Making it work better. On the Eco Diesel engine, tunes can make a big difference in the mileage, engine life, and power.
  12. M

    Gen 3 Block Heater Amp/Wattage

    I believe mine is 6.5 amp. With would come to about 750watts
  13. M

    W58 recall

    I hurt for you. This is rough. Hate mechanical problems
  14. M

    W58 recall

    I believe this is the case from my reading. Seems kinda pointless to get the recall done till they have the ring fixed and figured out. Instead of going in twice.
  15. M

    GDE Tune cost

    Yes. I believe this is the case. Seems like a year or so ago the feds redid how out of state purchases work and now you always have to pay sales tax. Btw, GDE was offering a core refund if you sent your old ECU in. You may call them and ask about that. Seems like it was a sizable core charge...
  16. M

    MIL Came On Yesterday...I'm so frustrated!

    Unless you tune it and decide to remove all exhaust filtering devices and go to a straight pipe.
  17. M

    MIL Came On Yesterday...I'm so frustrated!

    Unfortunately, the EcoDiesel doesn’t operate as well for short run driving habits. It’s kinda built for long haul driving (ie. DPF regens at highway speed only, engine takes a long time to warm up and get to maximum efficiency) if I did primarily short run driving the 3.0 would probably not be...