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    EcoDiesel Service Electronic Throttle Control Message

    Shawn - I just dumped my 16 BigHorn EcoDiesel at a Kia Dealer (traded in for a Kia Sedona). I don't recommend my path, but had same error show up five times this year. Usually a regen (at dealer) will clear the error, or it's a filter clogged. My experience was: fuel; or exhaust; or air. I...
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    New 2017 Ram and New to Diesel

    Don't do what I did. Only oil changes every 10,000 miles for a year. Totally missed the fact that Fuel filter needs changing every other oil change and it doesn't hurt to clean Exhaust filter at same time. Diesel has new rules (I too was a gas only prior to joining). I have 62,000 good...
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    Poor MPG

    Which differential do you have? I am running the "less torque" one (second option in the purchase - higher mileage) My EcoD is a 2017 getting an average on Fuelly of 24.9. Avg 100 miles per day - highway. Cannot remember the exact options - normal is 3.21, mine is 3.92?
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    4” lift pictures?

    That will be a BEAST!
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    New DEF & Fuel caps

    Where are the new caps available? The plastic fuel cap will get lost quickly. My 2016 DEF cap is tethered, so not worried about it. I have never understood why the FUEL stock cap is a plastic plug.
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    EcoDiesel Service Electronic Throttle Control Message

    Have you had the "Service Electronic Throttle Control" message? If not, I think I might adopt your schedule. What does the Lucas fuel treatment do for the fuel? I put 100 miles on daily, in mostly highway/tollway traffic. So my questions are: Have you had the EGR error messages...
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    Draining all fluids from the truck (SOB - cannot seem to get picture right-side-up!)

    Draining all fluids from the truck (SOB - cannot seem to get picture right-side-up!)
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    EcoDiesel Service Electronic Throttle Control Message

    I highly recommend the extended warranty - I would have saved had the warranty paid for my repairs.
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    EcoDiesel Service Electronic Throttle Control Message

    So I have also had the service throttle control 4 times. First was @38,000ish, then @41,0000, then @44,000 (and somewhere inbetween. Dealer had the 2016 Big Horn for 2.5 weeks. First time, they replaced some parts and replaced the fuel filter; 1 injector; and 1 injector line. The last time -...
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    Winter MPGs.

    Thank you all for the comments. I was just starting to notice the reduced mpg here in Northern Illinois. Any of you know where the plug for my block heater could be hiding? (Just had the EcoD for four months - have 20,000 mile on it, but have not researched the plug yet) Will get the...
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    New user to the site, bought new 2016 EcoDiesel

    Thanks. For the cord location!