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    On again-Off Again low oil light.

    Did you have oil seeping around the filter housing? I usually just snug the filter cap with new o ring an never had to get real tight.
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    2019 echo diesel check engine light on

    Thanks anyway, yea plus as of today as I was traveling I noticed my truck would pick up speed like it should. So I rushed home and parked it. Now I have something else going on. Something to add to the repairs when it goes in Wednesday. I’m strongly thinking about trading at this point. I’m...
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    2019 echo diesel check engine light on

    What they told me was the valve is not opening and closing correctly. That’s why I’m getting low exhaust temp codes and nitrogen oxide sensor replacement codes. Does that sound correct?
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    2019 echo diesel check engine light on

    It’s a tad bit lower than I remember. I’m not sure if it’s unlevel ground it’s setting on now. Is that something I need to watch for. I usually check it, since you ask I looked closely and just a cunt hair lower than where I last filed it.
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    2019 echo diesel check engine light on

    truck is scheduled to go to dealer on the 20th to replace the EGR cooler. I will have them take pictures of the inside the tube to see how it looks. I’m not sure if the new cooler comes with a new tube or not but I will acquire about it. These dealer ships are not quick to repair critical parts...
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    2019 echo diesel check engine light on

    engine light is on, first time it came on code was exhaust temp too low, then it went off. Second time it came on code was nitrogen oxide sensor need replacing. Brought to dealer they said they have to order a EGR cooler and that will stop those codes. Does this sound correct?..