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Search results

  1. E

    EcoDiesel vs Gas Hemi

    I haven't heard that? you have a link?
  2. E

    Best Wax you have used?

    What is the best wax you have used for your cars/trucks?
  3. E

    2014 EcoDiesel Ram Photo Gallery

    Cool pictures, Ive been looking at all the ram dealers for a ecodiesel on the lot and no luck so far.
  4. E

    What will you use your EcoDiesel for?

    Daily driver here also. I wont be able to afford anything else :D
  5. E

    Basic Price of EcoDiesel "work truck" package?

    Still no pricing options you can build out. When I call my dealer I hope to get some information from them.
  6. E

    Lauch Date?

    Late fall also, I'm going to call my dealer and see if he has anymore information for us.
  7. E

    EcoDiesel Ram V6 Walk Around Video

    Thanks for posting.. Seems, very very quiet. Which is expected for a modern diesel these day I guess.
  8. E

    EcoDiesel have same bolt/lug pattern as current gas motor?

    That will be great. One less part the aftermarket companies have to try to catch up with.
  9. E

    New here!

    Thanks! :D
  10. E

    EcoDiesel have same bolt/lug pattern as current gas motor?

    Will the EcoDiesel ram truck have the same lug pattern as the current gas truck? I sure hope so as the wheel market is already out there and less waiting.
  11. E

    Fuel Economy?

    With the current 2013 being around 25 MPG as reported by Ram, what realistic numbers can we see from the half ton diesel motor? 30+?
  12. E

    New here!

    New to the site, seems like a great start for us new diesel ram owners. I know I'm picking one up as soon as I can!! Keep the information coming! -EMT56