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Search results

  1. JVF

    Who has a 2020 eco? Any issues yet?

    I'd also like to hear of any complaints. Just totaled my 2018. Have cold feet on going this rout again. Mine had GDE ecm and never had an issue except for the latest recall on egr. They just don't tow worth a hoot if you have hills like in Colorado.12 mpg towing
  2. JVF

    Engine compartment light

    Yea, I checked with local dealer parts. All 2018 rams parts catalog shows no light. Can't put it in and can't flash to add on. Some things progress some digress.
  3. JVF

    Def gauge

    Thanks for information, JMF
  4. JVF

    New DEF & Fuel caps

    Purchased the aluminum billet for the Diesel filler. I'll stick to the original for DEF. I've read Aluminum and DEF don't get along. I like the locking caps but IMO too pricey. Maybe in future a locking door will be in order.
  5. JVF

    Def gauge

    Thanks for this info JMF. I just purchased my Laramie 2018 new. I do not know how much DEF was in the tank before prep for delivery. Temperatures were below freezing. As to how cold it had been I do not Know. As of Jan. 27th I assume in the teens in northern Idaho. What is the outcome if tank...
  6. JVF

    Factory Goodyear SR-A wrangler blew up, did not puncture, blew up

    Factory tires for any make are more or less blems. IMO Michelin is good choice and the ride should be better.
  7. JVF

    Puck or ride height adjustable struts?

    If you want to spend a little more replace rear springs with Tuf-Truck Model: TTC-1210
  8. JVF

    Puck or ride height adjustable struts?

    Had bilsteins and new upper control arms on my 2015. Dealership put the puc in on my 2018. Anything starts to wear going to Bilsteins. If you go with Bilstein 5100 upgrade the upper control arms as well. Saves on the ball joint.
  9. JVF

    Def gauge

    Yea, mine reads close then goes down, the later in the day back to what appears normal. My ECO is a 2018 just having 1300 miles on it. I'll let it ride until It gets low and I fill up. Could just be the new gauge or def that sat for 3 month in cold topped with a foot of snow. I'll report when...
  10. JVF

    Engine compartment light

    WOW! Thought this would be a no brainer, I have 2018 ECO. Went to check out installing a compartment light and found NO plug in on back fire wall. Any body know if mine is exception and they left it out or is this tthe norm on 2018? Any info would be helpful.
  11. JVF

    Def gauge

    Thanks for the reply john. Sounds logical to me. It was back to normal today.
  12. JVF

    Losing fuel economy

    I just bought a 2018 Laramie. 1200 miles. Was wondering about the fact I was only getting 19-20 mpg. Even though the first 1000 miles was on the road in two days. Came out of Kellogg, ID. Yes it was cold. Hope this is the reason. Will comment in the Spring under warmer conditions.
  13. JVF

    2018 Laramie

    2018 Laramie
  14. JVF

    Def gauge

    Just a comment on the gauge. My 2018 only has 1200 miles on it and the gauge reads at about 2/3. Are these gauges known to be inaccurate or could engine be using this much DEF. Don't want to high jack your thread. Is a bummer your system has gone array.
  15. JVF

    Another newbe

    Just signed up. Not new to diesels, had a few, 89 Cummins, 2000 Cummins, 2007 Duramax ( lemon). 2015 Duramax. Decided to get away from 2500's and go back to Ram with the 2018 3.0.Retired and wanted to get back to 1500. Already picked up some good knowledge by just lurking. I'll try to contribute.