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Search results

  1. diesel power 2014

    Engine Idle

    30 seconds to 1 minute regular (city),driving coming off highway engine not hot min 1 min summer city driving truck not loaded or pulling trailer 2 to 3 minutes coming off highway hard pulling with trailer 3 to 5 minutes you can turn heater to hot and fan on high and 3 to 5 minutes engine will...
  2. diesel power 2014

    Transmission start off gear

    Turbo lag really better have your turbo and exhaust checked.This engine with complete "green" running technology has one of the best spool up time for a turbo in any pickup truck.
  3. diesel power 2014

    2016 eco and no heat

    note check heater core hoses which you most likely have one should be hot and other if working correctly cooler as core can take 8-10 degrees off of engine. And if engine coolant not correct and icing coolant should not circulate and engine over heat problem. Note to this my 2014 does not like...
  4. diesel power 2014

    Winter Mods

    Those temps scare me I am going to weld a fitting about 6" back from turbo on exhaust and install a IssPro pyrometer. In all of the class 8 (18 wheeler) trucks I know of and ones that I have drove in Canadian Mountains Gross at 100,000 lbs max want to see is 900 F you are 100% correct have...
  5. diesel power 2014

    Winter Mods

    Seiko if your truck is still under warranty do not let dealer know you have a product from (Edge),or same product from another company as big time warranty problems.
  6. diesel power 2014

    Engine Oil Analysis

    Thank you much.
  7. diesel power 2014

    Engine Oil Analysis

    That is good info.Please let us know the results.I use agatlabs.com (Canada Edmonton Alberta location) good web site for analysis testing.
  8. diesel power 2014

    Engine Oil Analysis

    Good info.I do not think you are showing off neither anyone else.Please share any info if samples can pinpoint "soot" in the oil.The technology used in these engines come from Europe and they have had nothing but troubles and they are removing half of the emission controls and here in North...
  9. diesel power 2014

    Engine Oil Analysis

    If you think you are having problems or if you have had a recent sample done and info showed there might be problems every second or third oil change would be ok.The class 8 trucks I work on with Cat,Cummins or Detroit engines most run 250-300 hrs not everybody in the trucking world may agree...
  10. diesel power 2014

    Best of luck in searching for a new truck.Hope any one of us on EDR can answer any questions you...

    Best of luck in searching for a new truck.Hope any one of us on EDR can answer any questions you may have.
  11. diesel power 2014

    RECALL R51 - FCA Recommends a Winter Front Cover for Colder Climates with EcoDiesels

    They will give you a winter front free of charge make sure to take recall notice.
  12. diesel power 2014

    RECALL R51 - FCA Recommends a Winter Front Cover for Colder Climates with EcoDiesels

    I received my notification yesterday and in stated I must contact a authorized FCA Canada dealer or in the USA if truck purchased there.
  13. diesel power 2014

    def life in vehicle

    There is nothing you can add and please don't.If you plan to leave truck sit all winter do not have the DEF tank more than 3/4 full as it can ,and may freeze and will expand the tank and it will crack.Info I have got from the manufacture(s) shelf life is good for about a year that is in a...
  14. diesel power 2014

    When to use the tow haul button?

    Thank's for that I have had 4.10 on my mind all week one of the younger tech's at work got a little jumpy when got a 1 ton serve truck stuck and well yes a 4.10
  15. diesel power 2014

    Warm ups and Cool Downs

    I turn the heat on when truck has been pulling hard and yes that helps.It cools the engine thus cools the turbo.This engine design includes a water jacket to help draw away heat as does the oil.Turbos can turn in the excess of 100,000 rpm so as well cooling the extra few minutes slows down the...
  16. diesel power 2014

    First things to do..battery blanket removal..foam insulation on engine

    Everything is there for a reason.The foam really is to absorb sound.The cover on the battery is to insulate and protect the battery from heat.Batterys in good condition will fail faster than in the cold.
  17. diesel power 2014

    When to use the tow haul button?

    8th is overdrive.Please note not all of these trucks have the same gearing in the differential,most will have 3.55 gears which I have and I use tow/haul plus keep transmission in 7 or 8th gear.Some of these trucks will have 4.10 gears which is even better for heaver trailers.
  18. diesel power 2014

    Post your towing/hauling pictures!

    The trailer is 4,300 lbs dry weight around 5,000 lbs with water use the tow/haul and works good,as well if bad head wind or cross wind manual shift to 6-7 gear, and getting 13-15 mpg.
  19. diesel power 2014

    Factory Engine Braking Feature

    Please note when if you use a tuner or any other after market device it puts a strain on the engine and power train,as a comment posted 1500 f,is getting to hot most all good aluminum alloys start to melt at 1250 f.I prefer to use a mechanical gauge(s).isspro brand gauge for engine heat (have...