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Search results

  1. Z

    DEF pump failure at 106,000 miles

    Delete it and drive on.
  2. Z

    Ecodiesel Badging

    Just ordered 3 of the GC EcoDiesel badges for my 18 RAM. Personally think they look sleeker than the factory red/black ones
  3. Z

    Anyone Have 5th Wheel Setup In Short Box Eco?

    Installed 5th wheel today in the Eco. All went well, and took about 5-6 hours taking my time because of the heat. No frame drilling which was nice. One bolt above fuel tank was tough to get to but have the Mrs lend a hand and we won.
  4. Z

    My 2015 EcoDiesel with 33,000 mi caught fire this morning.

    I’m with you in this. I think I’ll be removing mine next weekend when I spend a few days adding items to the truck.
  5. Z

    Debadge a EcoDiesel

    If anyone has a clean EcoDiesel badge they don’t want let me know. I’m looking for just one for my 2018. Can get one at the dealer for $32 but figured I’d check here first.
  6. Z

    New DEF & Fuel caps

    Ordered and received these Thursday for the new truck. Much better IMO! Ronin Factory COMBO PACK - Magnetic... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073HZP9HK/?tag=jhdiesel-20
  7. Z

    Hello from Michigan

    Finally broke down and replaced the ‘10 BigHorn Hemi with a new truck last Friday. Been eyeing an Eco for awhile now and pulled the trigger on a new ‘18 BigHorn Eco in Granite Crystal Metallic for a sweet price. Hopefully she is trouble free. Decided to lease and see how it holds up. If it...
  8. Z

    My 2015 EcoDiesel with 33,000 mi caught fire this morning.

    How much work is involved in removing the foam? Is any of it glued into place or is it just remove the cover and pull out the foam?
  9. Z

    Anyone Have 5th Wheel Setup In Short Box Eco?

    I had a Curt sliding fiver in my 2010 Hemi 5’7” box with no issues. You will likely need a Sidewinder based on the front profile and pin box of the trailer you end up with. It all comes down to cab corner clearance. I am currently planning to install the same hitch setup in my 2018 Eco next...