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  1. 1shadowsabre

    EGR cooler and reflash?

    Well my thought was if you get the new replacement cooler an updated flash is part of the recall. In order to get reimbursed for the work the dealer will be required to update the software. You may have a great dealer or a different experience! I am in the que for my replacement cooler also (...
  2. 1shadowsabre

    EDGE CTS 3

    is it not similar to this?
  3. 1shadowsabre

    EGR cooler and reflash?

    I would imagine no matter what you say they will install the most current available software flash.
  4. 1shadowsabre

    2015 Ram 1500 GrillCraft MX Series grille install

    Cool and thanks for answering! I have a set coming next week and I was looking at your pics. I thought it looked like the tabs for the shrouds were on the stock inserts. Good to hear they held up!
  5. 1shadowsabre

    2015 Ram 1500 GrillCraft MX Series grille install

    I know it has been a number of years since this thread but I have a question if you remember..... How did you keep the plastic shrouds after changing to the Grillcraft MX series grill? Thanks
  6. 1shadowsabre

    Controlling stationary throttle manually

    Sorry, that auto spell kills me sometimes. I have to do a better job of proofing my posts! cst2 regen Many tutorials on the process.
  7. 1shadowsabre

    Controlling stationary throttle manually

    But the Edge Insight CS2 and you can regain whenever you want to
  8. 1shadowsabre

    Diesel future moving forward

    This might say something about the topic
  9. 1shadowsabre

    Diesel future moving forward

    I would probably buy another ecodiesel. I think GDE's new tune will help many people if it is as advertised. The ECO certainly has its share of issues that I hope are resolved. Fords 3.0 diesel isn't exactly flying off the dealers lots though and I haven't heard anything about the new GMC.
  10. 1shadowsabre

    New member - Bradenton, FL

    Love to see some pics and hear about the GDE tune experience!
  11. 1shadowsabre

    19-20 6 Lug Rims on 2015 5 Lug

    Could you put 6 lug rotors on?
  12. 1shadowsabre

    Airbags for towing

    I would take a look at the Timber Groves also. Great set of bags, uses little pressure and are very robust!
  13. 1shadowsabre

    Reprogram ECM

    Unfortunately there will be no way for you to get your former programming back.
  14. 1shadowsabre

    EGR cooler

    The plastic intake manifold may have shown some signs of melting. When the EGR cooler fails or leaks it can inject hot coolant into the intake manifold and potentially cause a fire.
  15. 1shadowsabre

    EGR Cooler

    Yep, I definitely think about it more than I want to! So far so good though.
  16. 1shadowsabre


    Your situation seems incredibly frustrating and I definitely understand your plight. However it does seem that taking the settlement money, doing a tune that can be taken in and out and quite likely having your truck drivable instead of in the shop so much might make you money ahead. I certainly...
  17. 1shadowsabre

    Miles per gallon, MPG, Mileage

    I am set up almost exactly the same including leveled and 10 ply tires but without the 600 lbs load. City 20 to 22 (seems to like 21.5!) Hiway 24 to 26 @ 60 to 65 never really go 70 for any appreciable time
  18. 1shadowsabre

    Curt better weigh

    Has anyone had any experience with these CURT Betterweigh
  19. 1shadowsabre

    New Fuel filter design?

    I ordered a new fuel filter from Amazon and it came with the packaging completely destroyed, hard to tell if the filter was crushed so I sent it back. I also noticed that it looked very different so I just decided not to trust it. I went to the dealer today to buy one and they had the same style...
  20. 1shadowsabre

    EGR Cooler

    Swung by my dealer today to buy a new fuel filter. Decided to ask the service advisor there about the EGR cooler replacement. She told me they are getting an allotment of 2 a week and put me on the waitlist. It was indicated end of July at best. Not too worried at this point as I am GDE hot tuned.