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  1. 1shadowsabre

    Curt better weigh

    Has anyone had any experience with these CURT Betterweigh
  2. 1shadowsabre

    New Fuel filter design?

    I ordered a new fuel filter from Amazon and it came with the packaging completely destroyed, hard to tell if the filter was crushed so I sent it back. I also noticed that it looked very different so I just decided not to trust it. I went to the dealer today to buy one and they had the same style...
  3. 1shadowsabre

    LT275/55R20/E Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus BSW 120/117S TL

    Has anyone had any experience with these tires? LT275/55R20/E Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus BSW 120/117S TL
  4. 1shadowsabre

    Dielectric grease

    I have used dielectric grease for years on certain things. As the topic comes up here upon occasion and I am staying at home like so many people doing chores and researching various things on the internet I thought I would throw out a you tube video for anyones viewing pleasure if you are...
  5. 1shadowsabre

    Luxurious RAM?

    Guess I need to check out the new luxury RAMS?
  6. 1shadowsabre

    Jeep Wrangler

  7. 1shadowsabre

    Blue Driver OBD2

    My oldest son just bought one of these. He says it works great! does anyone else have any experience with it? A quick check on Amazon reviews/questions indicates it works well with the ecodiesel.
  8. 1shadowsabre

    Timber Grove enterprises

    Has anybody used any of Timber Grove Enterprises products? I really like the fully automatic system. After I install my GDE tune I may go this route.
  9. 1shadowsabre

    A pretty good read

    Many here may be up on this but it was new to me, March of 2019 Diesel Tuning
  10. 1shadowsabre

    EcoDiesel flash with settlement

    I keep reading how the "flash" is going to ruin motors and kill mileage. How does anybody know this? No one has actually received the flash yet so no data exists. Isn't possible that the flash will not effect the motor in any noticeable way? One poster in another thread has already said it...
  11. 1shadowsabre

    K & N air filter

    Not too big of a deal but is any one using a K & N air filter in the stock airbox?
  12. 1shadowsabre

    2019 ecodiesel

    I was looking at the RAM homepage and noticed there was no 3.0 ed listed as a powertrain option? Did RAM kill it?
  13. 1shadowsabre

    First known Regen

    27,000 miles on my 2015 ED Had my first known Regen. The 80% full came up so I just continued my normal commute but manually shifted down to maintain 2000 rpm's or so. As I drove the 80% dropped to 70%, 60%, 50%, 40% .... Turned vehicle off at 40%. That was a few days ago and I haven't had any...
  14. 1shadowsabre

    Opti -Coat Pro +

    So after reading on this forum about Ceramic Coatings I have done quite a bit of research on them. Turns out there are quite a number of places that do it. The quality of the finished product is directly related to the "paint correction" or prep work. I made an appointment at a reputable shop in...
  15. 1shadowsabre

    Going on a trip

    I will be leaving in a trip in a couple days towing my camper (5000 lbs.) I have a 2015 Bighorn with 3.92 axle. completely stock truck, no tunes etc. Aside from fuel mileage does anyone have any information or data they would like to have? I will do my best to accommodate!
  16. 1shadowsabre

    lowering kits

    I was actually thinking of lowering my truck 2 inches in the rear. Has anybody done this? Thanks
  17. 1shadowsabre

    T-Rex billet grille

    Anybody have any experience with the T-Rex billet grille? I am kind of just starting to flesh out how I want my 2015 to look.