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  1. Tremper126

    Exhaust regeneration 100%.

    No worries! I had the same concern when I got into the program also. I just hit buttons until one of them worked lol then I realized what they did.
  2. Tremper126

    Regen information

    It won’t display a message until you hit 80% full from stop and go driving. The truck does active regens while on the highway so it’s out of sight out of mind. Some tunes though will allow a regen message to pop up.
  3. Tremper126

    Exhaust regeneration 100%.

    Steel, if you look in front of the 2013 or behind the 2013 in alfaobd I can’t recall what one, you will see a “>” symbol indicating it’s for 2013 up.
  4. Tremper126

    Should I buy an Eco-Diesel?

    I bought my 2014 in 2018 with 113k on it. I’ve put 36k on mine with my last 12k tuned. So far I have only had a glow plug issue shortly after buying. Previous owner did the egr and intake at the dealer at 109k. I cannot speak to if my tone wheel has been replaced yet or not, nor if the block is...
  5. Tremper126

    DEF pump out at 42k miles

    Dealers like to guess, I’d start at the injector like tc said and work your way back to the tank. If their computer doesn’t pinpoint the exact part, they start gue$$ing
  6. Tremper126


    These are the two major exits same distance from me. The app I use allows for discounts with their card which is awesome. Sheetz and shell both have awesome fuel for daily driving but my capture is southern states 50 cetane.
  7. Tremper126


    Good to know! Didn't know that was a thing! Makes sense though!!
  8. Tremper126

    minor issues

    I would consider looking into the blend door motor for the drivers side if it’s running cooler than the other side. I’m not too familiar with how the dual climate function works on these setups
  9. Tremper126

    2609 miles and the remote start has issues and the engine light is on??

    Check codes. If engine light is on remote start will not function properly for engine protection
  10. Tremper126


    Antifreeze into the air suspension system?
  11. Tremper126


    Yeah unless it’s diesel or diesel additive it won’t go in my tank 🤣 I forget some people don’t live in areas like me. I’m 20 minutes from the highway and nearest truck stop but once you get there there’s 400 options lol
  12. Tremper126

    DEF system/Emissions recall: Epic FAIL

    Road flare In the tank will be more beneficial 😎 On a serious note, sofaking and hd diesel provide tunes that will allow your def issues to disappear. If you had the aem done the dealer should be fixing it if you can provide paperwork from when they did it NOT ONCE BUT TWICE
  13. Tremper126

    New Member Heads Up

    Welcome! With any used purchase I like to change my oil right off the bat and check and top off all fluids. You’ll read that tunes seem to be the normal And the expected if you would like your investment to last a happy healthy life! Plenty of mods to do for suspension, body and appearance, but...
  14. Tremper126


    @CAVEMANN check out your local truck stops/ main fuel suppliers. In va I’m pretty sure it’s required to post all octane and cetane ratings. Says it Varys state by state though. Ask the station and they should be able to provide an answer. Southern states is a main fuel provider for farms/...
  15. Tremper126


    We have southern states in va, 50 cetane and tends to be cheaper than wawa and sheetz. My truck loves when I fill up there. Seems to be a little more responsive and slight mpg gains
  16. Tremper126

    Truck won’t start-P0090

    I would go over all your electrical connections and fuses and report back
  17. Tremper126

    Climate control 2016 ED

    Had an issue with my truck saying reverse lights out, swapped with led bulbs when I got it never had an issue till I put led headlights and fog lights in. Got the error every other day or so until I put the resistors in the headlights. No problem with error message since
  18. Tremper126


    Deff will have to look into this. I’m at 147k and unsure if mine has been replaced yet
  19. Tremper126


    Tc, is there anyway to do like a high flow fuel filter between the pump and rail to keep out the crap?
  20. Tremper126


    It says on their listing it won’t stop the pump from failing, but it will save your injectors and rail from debris. Not sure exactly what they’re doing unless they’re shooting it back to the tank