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  1. Gossman78

    GDE Hot Tune and GDE Trans Tune For Sale

    GDE Hot Tune For Sale: GDE Hot Tune, 2015, 3.55, Regen Message, High Idle and Engine Brake Coded to the injectors and gears to truck GDE Trans Tune, 2015, 3.55 Trans tune is coded to truck. May need to contact GDE for help. Message for details if interested. $500 for the GDE Tune + $25.98...
  2. Gossman78

    Drivers Side Rear Indicator Light: Intermittent Failure

    Has anyone seen the intermittent failure (and subsequent alert in drivers information center) regarding the Drivers Side Indicator (turn signal) going out? The Turn signal actually flashes faster when the truck thinks the light is out. But, depending on turning the truck off and on it'll fix...
  3. Gossman78

    Settlement Update and Details

    For those who haven't opted out of the Class Action: A message from Hagens-Berman (council for the 'us' the consumer). I have no other answers. "Good evening, everyone. On May 3, 2019, the court entered an order granting final approval of the class action settlement. Current owners and...
  4. Gossman78

    Coolant Recovery Tank: Bottom Exit Hose/Discharge

    Stock 2015 EcoDiesel: On the Coolant Recovery Tank/Coolant Reservoir there is a hose that exits from the bottom of the tank, makes a turn to the passenger side and runs across a small portion of the radiator and then runs down the radiator on the passenger side. It ends in an apparent open hose...
  5. Gossman78

    Weeping Bypass Hose..Causing 'Strong Coolant Smell'...Says the Dealer

    Anyone heard of a 'weeping bypass hose' on the ED? I took the truck to the dealer with report of a strong smell of coolant with no obvious under the hood leaks or on the pavement leaks. I've got Allstate bumper to bumper (except hoses apparently) warranty. Dealer says there is a weeping bypass...
  6. Gossman78

    Settlement News Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Gossman78

    It Finally Happened....DTC's Cometh.... Had to call in a Ford SD

    Well it finally happened. 63,294 miles (2015 Laramie Limited) and the pulling my TT up to the lake and threw a P24AE (Particulate Matter Sensor Circuit). I carry a reader in the truck b/c I'm skeptical. Got the TT to the camp ground unhooked and cleared the DTC after the manuals prescribed...
  8. Gossman78

    Crosshair Dodge Grille and Side Rearview Mirrors For Sale

    Looks Like I'll be the second to post. GRILLE - MOPAR (68094301AC) 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Mopar Part Number: 68094301AC Used on truck for 10,000 miles, Chrome with Rams Head Medallion Sell Price: $300.00 MIRROR ASSY – OUTSIDE REVIEW - MOPAR (68231243AE) Drivers Side, 2015 Dodge Ram 1500...