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Search results

  1. Tremper126

    Turbo Running Extended Periods

    Welcome! Have you had all the recalls done? Tough to say why it would spool up more unless you are just noticing it. Turbo is powered off exhaust so it should only be spooling when you are on the pedal. In tow/haul mine will kinda stay active, acting like a mini engine brake.
  2. Tremper126

    HD Diesel Supply ECM

    Emissions in tact means that exhaust emission devices cannot be modified. I’m not sure on the gear ratio, but with alfaobd I believe you can change that.
  3. Tremper126

    Help! Doing full delete

    If you leave the egr in place that is fine but the dpf (exhaust) will need to be removed
  4. Tremper126

    2016 Ram 3.0 eco diesel Service shifter indicator

    Welcome! What codes do you have?
  5. Tremper126

    Help! Doing full delete

    Mine is still in place and blocked off running stage 2
  6. Tremper126

    New owner used truck

    Have you reset your fuel mileage In the evic? I know when I pull anything with mine it drops but if you never reset it then it’s your average since you have owned it
  7. Tremper126

    2014 ED in Jeep GC

    Welcome! Sorry but I opted out of the recalls and invested into a tune to avoid any issues with performance or flashes that would snowball into more issues!
  8. Tremper126

    New Canuck reporting in

  9. Tremper126

    Service Electronic Throttle

    One is a mass airflow and other is exhaust. If I had to take a guess at it your intake failed. If you go under the hood and pull the plastic cover off you should be able to view the intake. Most likely it’s melted
  10. Tremper126

    Service Electronic Throttle

    Did it leave any codes?
  11. Tremper126

    2017 Ecodiesel

  12. Tremper126

    Exhaust system regeneration in process

    Welcome! Honestly, if you bought it and received that message, you need to return to purchaser and have them evaluate the truck over. If you’ve had the truck for a few days, you need to hop it on the highway for a while. These trucks don’t do well with stop and go driving. They need a minimum of...
  13. Tremper126

    Turbo water coolant feed tube failure

    https://www.ecodieselram.com/forum/threads/banks-intake-manifold-install.1574/page-2#post-18171 post #32 and on may help. I’ll do some more digging on the forum in a little while for torque sequence for intake manifold
  14. Tremper126

    What's the best ecodiesel tune today for "EGR shutoff" but keeping equipment installed?

    It’s been like that since March, maybe February, no issues
  15. Tremper126

    What's the best ecodiesel tune today for "EGR shutoff" but keeping equipment installed?

    Yes mine is the same way. I had a full tank now it’s on empty. Wondering if it’s because I don’t have tank unplugged and removed.
  16. Tremper126

    hello and goodbye

    I believe the injectors and vin need to be recoded but that can be accomplished using alfaobd if I’m not mistaken.
  17. Tremper126

    1500 eco diesel 4x4

    Quite a few members have over 200k on theirs! It’s all luck of the draw and how you maintain and drive them.
  18. Tremper126

    New to the forum.

    Manufacturer reccomends rotella t6 5w-40! I run rotella in everything I own.
  19. Tremper126

    Reluctor/tone wheel install not covered

    Do you have the tone wheel part number? Is the tone wheel upgraded or the original design?
  20. Tremper126

    Service electronic throttle control / EGR tune

    I get the same issue. I think it’s the boot off the turbo turning down into the pipe. Or the gasket is bad. I resisted my gasket, I think I should have gotten a new one. Also I didn’t know the correct torque spec for the v band clamp so that could be a culprit too