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    Turbo cleaning?

    Hey folks, Sorry I haven’t been as active I started a new job and don’t get good signal! So I know to replace the turbo it’s recommended the cab come off, but any members out there cleaned one? Did a job in jersey and I pulled my trailer up and back. Fully deleted with 159k. Was running 75-80...
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    Adding navigation to 8.4!

    Just an FYI if your Ram doesn’t have Navi, until the end of august you can purchase and add it for 440$ instead of $520~!! Easy to add and the site has step by step directions
  3. T

    In regards to “service electronic throttle” message

    Hey fellas. I see a lot of posts regarding the “service electronic throttle” message. Just wanted to share this image with everyone. The “set” light doesn’t truly mean an engine issue. It could be a combination of codes from various issues. My #1 glow plug has started to come and go but...
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    Water in cab under rear seats?!

    Hey fellas, Just wanted to add a thread for common places to look for water infiltration if your carpet, cubby’s under your rear seats or rear floor boards get wet after raining/ car washes. #1- after purchasing my truck my HEADLINER DEVELOPED WATERSPOTS after a week of owning. Dug into it...
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    Hey y’all!!

    So I’ve realized I never did an entry to the welcome forum so I would like to announce myself. I’m chris from Virginia. I’m 28 going on 50 lol my occupation is an Hvac installer. I’ve owned my 2014 eco since August 2018 I’ve put 36k on it. I use my ram for a daily driver and after hours to pull...
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    Aftermarket cool down timer

    Anyone added one to their truck? Been looking into it and I would really like to have a timer built into mine. Sometimes sitting in the truck a few extra minutes isn’t practical for me, and I seem to be pulling my enclosed trailer a lot more frequently lately.
  7. T

    Egr parts available

    Just got a call from my dealership, new parts available and ordered by vin. So I expect everyone will receive calls soon. Too bad I don’t need one anymore 😂
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    Engine Cover Retaining Grommet?

    Anyone have a part number or place to order the rubber grommet that holds the plastic motor cover down? I can’t seem to find the darn thing anywhere
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    So I noticed we discussed miles....

    We have discussed how many miles on our trucks... But a quick forum search turned up nothing for engine hours. Currently I have 507 idle 3298 driving 3805 total As people have related miles to a motor, I feel hours are just as equal in the equations when discussing bearing failure, egr leaks...
  10. T

    My adventure with SofaKingTuned

    Hey fellas I wanted to start a little thread on my experience with SKT. I ordered both engine tunes and their trans tune the other week. The order came in today and everything was there. I have contacted them with a question about the engine touch tuner, it seemed as if it was included but...
  11. T


    Anyone had this code before? Got it once a few weeks ago hauling a load of wood on the trailer down the road got it as soon as I was pulling out of the driveway. I got it again today empty heading home. I noticed this morning on the way to work my throttle seemed a little more lag than normal...
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    AlfaOBD And What You Can Do!

    So I’ve seen the software mentioned time after time. I’ve seen people say what you can do with it and all it offers. I’ve seen people ask about forcing a regen and directed to the software. So I wanted to start a page on it. I have bought the app for my tablet and was so impressed I bought the...
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    Leveling kit

    50$ takes it. Rc sent me two, long story short, the washers for the bump stops that go inside the frame by the motor mount needs to be trimmed. New never installed.
  14. T

    Anyone live near gde’s shop?

    I’ve tried emailing them with them but they won’t talk much with me. I’m trying to see if I drive there If they can work with me.
  15. T

    Exhaust and turbo screen

    Anyone have this menu?? My 2014 Laramie doesn’t. I found this on rams brochure online this morning and it looks like something that should be easy to find.
  16. T

    My experience with glow plug issue

    Hello to you all! I come to this page after months of worry, research, clearing codes and eventually a trip to my local dealer. Let me give you a little insight on my ram first. I purchased my truck in August 2018 from a local small used car lot. 113k miles and truck in great shape. Around 117k...