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Search results

  1. cevans

    EGR Delete or not. Neeed Advise

    We're all dealing with this, unfortunately. Usually I'm willing to trade a few months of warranty to fix drivability issues, but, there are enough cases of ED engine failures that I would keep the warranty intact as much as possible. Might be worth investing in a secondary ECU for tuning...
  2. cevans

    Call to Ram corporate.

    Oil cooler failure. Common problem, unfortunately. Coolant is getting into the engine oil. If you are out of warranty I would get a new oil cooler assembly on ASAP.
  3. cevans

    OEM filters

    2019 Updates on our end! HENGST (OE supplier to VW, BMW, Mercedes) is making ED filters in EUROPE and they retail for $13.95. I like these more than the OE ones actually. OE is made in China, most other aftermarkets are made in Korea. Hengst unit material seems very high quality...
  4. cevans

    New Site is LIVE!

    Great upgrade! Fast!
  5. cevans

    SPIED: 2019 Ram 1500

    I LOVE that. I have serious truck envy.
  6. cevans

    Ram EcoDiesel Oil Change Information

    Don't overpay for what is basically a re-boxed Ecoguard, which isn't a great filter in the first place. AFE doesn't make oil filters, so all you are paying for is a box.
  7. cevans

    Ram EcoDiesel Oil Change Information

    I do top side. Be aware, though, that you'll need at least a 4-foot tube for the RAM to get to the bottom of the oil pan. Most extractors include 3-foot tubes, those won't reach all the way.
  8. cevans

    Throttle Control

    Haha, yes, EVERYBODY. Keep a scan tool handy - I use a Scangauge that I mounted to the steering column - that will allow you to clear the code when it pops up. When it happens, Clear the code, drive on. I get it maybe once every other month, most often right after I restart the truck hot &...
  9. cevans

    Oil in coolant.

    Sounds more serious than we initially thought. For the failure-prone 6.0L Powerstrokes, which constantly have failed head gaskets and oil sludge in the cooling system, Ford recommends using Simple green actually. Check out this TSB...
  10. cevans

    Oil in coolant.

    I would suggest flushing the system with distilled water only. I don't like any sort of cleaning chemicals in the system. Any contaminants in the cooling system will cause internal corrosion over time. Flush as best you can, refill, drive and monitor. You might want to drain-refill in a few...
  11. cevans

    Oil in coolant.

    The dealership "resident cummins expert" is usually the guy that gets stuck with Ecodiesels, even though they share nothing in common. Typical dealership crap. I would stop driving the truck. The oil in the cooling system is drastically reducing the coolant's ability to transfer heat, so I...
  12. cevans

    Oil in coolant.

    It seems that FCA knows what a s--tshow this has become because the new oil cooler assembly is pretty cheap. Part number 68229403AA, lists for $158. Comes with a new oil cooler and oil filter already installed.
  13. cevans

    Ecodiesel Fires

    This smells more like an ambulance chaser than an investigator. An investigator wouldn't post a generic broad "tell me about other problems". The data that will be returned would be useless.
  14. cevans

    3 Months of Problems and Now sending a RAM/Chrysler Engineer

    I don't blame the trucks as so much as the dealership. We have NO idea if the actual problem had anything to do with the MAP sensor, or that any problem since then has been properly diagnosed or repaired. These trucks are not toxic. There are over 100,000 of these on the road already, and now...
  15. cevans

    Oil in coolant.

    Welcome, sorry to hear that a problem prompted your post! The bypass valve code may be a red-herring. I would replace the cooler and flush the system and see if that code returns.
  16. cevans

    Corey's YouTube Videos

    Re #1 - That will purge the water out, but it won't empty the canister or help with the vacuum issue Re #2 - I can tell by the pitch of the pump if it is primed or not. I was trying to catch that information and teach others. Cycling the key three times will certainly do it, but, the pump is...
  17. cevans

    FCA insider document reveals current engine failure rate.

    Great thread. A lot of sensible replies to chicken-little sky is falling proclamations. I don't know if that demand sheet means anything. Firstly, the supply chain may not operate the same, and cummins engine warranty replacements may not be captured on that sheet. There is also no...
  18. cevans

    Corey's YouTube Videos

    I've made a bunch of videos for work. I'm planning on doing more as I add miles to the truck. LMK if you have any requests/recommendations.
  19. cevans

    Rear Differential Service

    Balked at the job! They could have charged $250 for about 15 min of work! Based on some reading it looks like the friction modifier is recommended even with fluids that claim limited-slip compatibility.
  20. cevans

    News FCA can now sell the 2017 EcoDiesel

    Right - the chairman of Daimler mentioned something interesting in a note a few weeks back. Summarizing, if your goal to limit CO2 emissions, widely considered the most worrisome greenhouse gas, diesel is still the best option by a wide margin. It seems that the EPA/CARB is prioritizing...