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Search results

  1. 04MachMan

    High trans temps

    Hey guys, need some help isolating a problem. On a 2.5 hour trip a couple of weeks ago I noticed that the radiator fan was running while cruising down the highway at 75 mph. I switched the evic to the temperature page and noticed the trans temp was 268F. The engine oil temp was 208F and the...
  2. 04MachMan

    New owner

    The AEM was done back in May. Looks like the previous owner had it done then traded it in. I will be getting the GDE tune as soon as I can. It looks like I may have to wait until after I get my actual registration and plates. I sent them an email with a copy of the temp registration to see if...
  3. 04MachMan

    New owner

    Awesome. Thank you both for your response. I feel better about this now.
  4. 04MachMan

    New owner

    Hello everyone, Been lurking around the forum here for a couple of weeks doing some research and ended up purchasing a 2016 Ecodiesel on Friday. So far I am very pleased with the truck. One point of concern that I have is the engine coolant. It looks awfully dark compared to some of the other...