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    Coolant Leak - Swear its the same issue as before

    If egr was replaced before the recall, then you should follow up for replacement. If it has been replaced, most all mopar parts hve 2 year unlimited mile warranty, at least electrical stuff does.
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    Truck wont start

    Did it try to crank before that?
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    Check engine light

    check your tube coming off the ccv sensor, it’s on the front drivers side of the engine. Sometimes they can rattle around and develop play in the o ring
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    Intro and Code Troubles!

    Underneath attached to the inside of the frame. Salty areas from beaches or snow removal make it more frequent
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    Intro and Code Troubles!

    Battery or that plug
  6. T

    Coolant Leak - Swear its the same issue as before

    If you have oem egr or recalled replacement egr, it’s more than likely failed again
  7. T

    Check engine light

    I struggled with this code. Long story short bigger tires caused the transmission to let the engine lug. What year truck? What modifications If any? How many miles?
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    Intro and Code Troubles!

    Check the main connection plug under your drivers side floor board under the truck by the frame. Sounds like the random code here and there is a ground / communication issue
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    AlfaOBD And What You Can Do!

    As far as I’m aware yes. I use the wifi version of the elm 327 Adapter for use with my computer or tablet or iPhone and it does it all also. 27$ or so on Amazon.
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    Hello from Dayton, OH

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    Coolant reservoir full of oil.

    Oil cooler failure is common. Unfortunately gonna require draining all the coolant and multiple flushes to get all the oil out you can
  12. T

    coolant leak from tank hose

    Sounds like your tank is cracked on that side…
  13. T

    GDE tune installed with EGT removed on my 2015 ecodiesel 3.0L

    If you got the new gde tune you will still need def fluid.
  14. T

    Hi everyone. New 15 ecodiesel longhorn owner.

    Welcome! I’d say start looking into a tuner that will get rid of the egr!
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    hello out there JJC Here. I am a 2018 Ram EcoDiesel owner.

    Check your antifreeze reservoir for signs of oil. The oil coolers when they fail will push oil into the cooling circuit.
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    SFT Changes

    Damn that’s a shame. I contacted them about a 6.7 tune and they said they couldn’t do it… but they do a pile of other engines. Sorry to hear about the changes!
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    Fn glo plugs

    Slow and steady lol if it breaks off it can be fixed without head replacement by good mechanic
  18. T

    Heat loss

    Nice lol
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    Heat loss

    Check your coolant level. If that’s good then your 3 way valve may have gone bad. Pretty sure that’s the term lol
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    Pump noise?

    Mine makes all sorts of weird noises when it shuts down lol