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Search results

  1. Propaganda26

    Cleaning the DPF filter

    I haven’t personally don’t it but I belive Liquid Molly makes a DPF cleaning solution that comes with a tool that will allow you to enter through the the sensor port and not have to remove the DPF filter. If you do have a really clogged up filter you can remove it and use pressure washer to...
  2. Propaganda26


    I’ve heard of using a fogging agent can help locate leaks a lot easier because it give you a obvious visual location for the problem
  3. Propaganda26

    Lucas fuel treatment in a Ram Ecodiesel.

    I’ve used the additive many times without issue, Lucas makes a diesel specific additive called diesel deep clean. If your heart is set on Lucas then I would recommend that
  4. Propaganda26

    Greetings from Central Virginia

    I would HIGHLY recommend putting in a oil catch can to filter out unburt oil/diesel from combustion chamber because the EGR will recycle it into the Air intake manifold causing all kinds of headaches. I wish I had done it sooner. Other then that the truck has been great. Also get AlfaOBD app and...
  5. Propaganda26

    Hi and def quality check

    Maybe the wife did it on accident?
  6. Propaganda26

    Installing rear floor storage/bed light Ques

    Has anyone installed the rear floor storage bins/iceboxes into a Ram that did not come stock with them?? Is it possible? and I’m assuming you have to cut out a portion of the floor if it is possible
  7. Propaganda26

    Wanted OBD2 Tool With Forced DPF Regen

    Thanks for the comment on the post. I ended up dusting off a old android tablet cleaned everything off it and downloaded AlfaOBD App. Since then I’ve spent hours learning all of the things it can do and have barely scratch the surface. It only helps on my dodge truck but I ended up using Torque...
  8. Propaganda26

    Need Help Transmission wiring harness

    I’m hoping someone can help me in answering compatibility question on the Ram Ecodiesel Transmission Wiring Harness. I own a 2015 Ecodiesel and my harness melted from a clogged CAT/DPF system, warranty will cover that emissions items but not the harness. Dealer wants 3000.00 for just the part...
  9. Propaganda26

    My EcoDiesel's First MIL codes: P200A and P2D2D

    I would like to start by congratulating you on being able to get this squared away relatively cheaply with a warranty I also have had, and unfortunately am having this issue again. The root cause of the problem is the existence of the EGR. Its purpose is to recirculate exhaust air back into your...
  10. Propaganda26

    Active Grille Shutter AGS Disable AlfaOBD

    2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Ecodiesel Big Horn Does anyone know if AlfoOBD can disable the AGS system so it will not through a MIL. I hit a turkey and it destroyed my grill and the shutter system. I’ve already ordered the grille but need to wait on the shutter system and just want to shut it off...
  11. Propaganda26

    Grill shutters

    Does anyone know if you can disable the AGS with AlfaOBD hit a turkey and it ruined grille and shutters and don’t have the cash to fix the shutter system just yet but it keeps putting car into limp mode
  12. Propaganda26

    New to site long time Dodge Ecodiesel owner

    Hello everyone hope my fellow diesel/dodge owners are doing well out there. I own a 2015 Dodge Ram Ecodiesel bighorn. I have owned the AlfoOBD app for a few months now and have done all the basic things you can find on you tube (global windows, remove fog light drop out, forced Regen,) even...
  13. Propaganda26

    EGR Coolant Regeneration AlfaOBD

    I purchased AlfoOBD on both android and Laptop windows version. I find each has there pros and cons but I have yet to find any info on the EGR Coolant Regen option. If attempted to do it on both versions and have always received “Failed. Conditions not correct or Request Sequence error” I have...
  14. Propaganda26

    Wanted OBD2 Tool With Forced DPF Regen

    I’m looking to purchase a Used OBD2 Scanner and bi-directional tool that can Perform a Forced DPF Regen. If it has another other options then great, but the only requirement is that it can do the regen on my 2015 Ram bighorn Ecodiesel. If any one has an older unit that they no longer need; they...