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Search results

  1. John Jensen

    Anyone has use Sofa King Tunes (SFT)

    Yes, they are different at this point. Their lie to me wasn't as you commented on. They told me they no longer kept the SCR system working and disabled it. Found out later that was a lie.
  2. John Jensen

    Anyone has use Sofa King Tunes (SFT)

    SFT lied to me and said they would send me a new tune. Still waiting, a bit pissed off at SFT. SFT was a decent tune and because of their lie I now have MRT. However, can't make a comparison as haven't used it enough. Got the MRT in late July, was in Maui all of August and am now in Oregon...
  3. John Jensen

    Oil filler cap

    Never had my 2016 cap come off and have been over some rough roads
  4. John Jensen

    2018 ecodiesel forced regen with alpha and MX+obd2.

    Yes, your 2016 does not require a bypass cable.
  5. John Jensen

    DEF system warning a shutdown due to ‘improper def fluid’

    Pull out the starter relay, and put the key in the RUN position. Take a short piece of wire and jump (in the fuse box) between where pins 30 (3) and 87 (5) on the relay would go.
  6. John Jensen

    New member

    Welcome to the forum I'm far from knowing the answer but I believe that code has to do with the two oxygen sensors, MAP & MAF. Rare to fail but can get clogged and easy to clean with a MAP sensor cleaner. I wouldn't think your 2020 would already be clogged so I suspect a failure. Would be...
  7. John Jensen

    New Member

    Howdy and welcome. Ask anything any time or contribute as you like
  8. John Jensen

    New to me 2017 big horn

    Not sure what you mean. You referenced a member's post with a legitimate observation and request. How is that bad?
  9. John Jensen

    New to me 2017 big horn

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised with GDE's tunes. They have been the go-to tuner for a long time. Like other tuners, they were shut down by the EPA. They rebounded with a new EPA-approved emmissions-compliant tune (It is not Califunny CARB approved) that gets great reviews. GDE is...
  10. John Jensen

    New to me 2017 big horn

    Thanks for your suggestion. My old folk reply to another old folk goes like this. I was answering the poster, not you. If you post a question I'll try to remember to be "a little clearer and precise" Cheers
  11. John Jensen

    New to me 2017 big horn

    I notice you referenced my post with five very common initials and abbreviations for the discussed subject. Two thoughts go through my mind. One is if you don't know, ask, I'd be happy to help. The other is I learned by researching and Googling before I asked. I don't know where you fit in...
  12. John Jensen

    P2D2F & Recall for For "HPFP" (high pressure fuel pump)

    You bought a great truck, I love my 2016. I'm not familiar with that code so I'm not the one to advise you. However, don't think it will put your truck ion limp mode, I think you can drive it ok. Suggest you go to any auto parts store, they will check the code and try to retire it for free...
  13. John Jensen

    New to me 2017 big horn

    GDE is 49 state EPA compliant, it does not shut off the EGR. EOC is the distributor for the MRT tunes. It is in Canada and shuts off the EGR if that is important to you, it is important to a lot of us.
  14. John Jensen

    2016 cracked exhaust pipe at particulate filter housing

    I would think any muffler shop could close that leak up
  15. John Jensen

    New to me 2017 big horn

    The best fix is a Stage 1 tune from either GDE or EOC (MRT) The cheapest, less effective fix is a throttle booster/controller device
  16. John Jensen

    P2D2F & Recall for For "HPFP" (high pressure fuel pump)

    The code is not related to the X46 recall P2D2F is a throttle position sensor code. the problem can be a dirty map sensor or a dirty EGR tube boost sensor. The EGR pipe at the back of the turbo (passenger side of the engine) is known to crack and leak exhaust gas or if it breaks you will see...
  17. John Jensen

    Service Electronic Throttle Control

    What vandan said. Plus it can be a dirty map sensor or a dirty EGR tube boost sensor.
  18. John Jensen

    Eco diesel

    Won't turn over or starter works, no fire? Did you allow the fuel lines to fill? put the ignition in "run" but don't start. Listen for the tank pump to run for a few seconds. Do this at least three times to purge the system. Hope this helps. If still won't start it's beyond my help...
  19. John Jensen

    New Kid

    Welcome to the forum. Great looking ride, enjoy it
  20. John Jensen


    Welcome to the forum Eric, There are three tuners to consider, EOC's MRT tunes, SFT tunes and GDE tunes. I don't think any have a tune for the 22s yet.