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    what now

    So i had the fuel pump issue with my truck after about 2 weeks i got an oil pressure light and the motor cut off. i am porbably in the sam boat as everyone whos moor has locked up. The dealership who fixed the fuel problem (under warrenty) said that there is other warrenty on the truck not...
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    Few questions 2015 eco

    I was wondering if any knew where the fuse for the foglights was? also what tires are the best for these trucks I have been running general grabbers but the ratings have go down please tell me what everyone is using
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    fuel issue?

    low pressure fuel pump could be the issue. My truck kept dying out and starving for fuel hopped and bucked all the time turned out to be low pressure fuel pump..
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    minor issues

    I am having a issue with my truck. 1) the heat on the drivers side of the truck is not as hot as the passenger side of the truck. Any one run into this issue? Im thinking it could be a bad heater core. does anyone know how hard this would be to replace?
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    Check engine code P0087

    I have the same code along with a pressure loop code new fuel filter. runs very sluggish and even stalled twice. at dealership now will post update anyone else have thi issue
  6. W


    I am having the same codes
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    service def system see dealer

    i have cleared a few times already and it reutrns everytime
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    service def system see dealer

    on my 2015 ecodiesle today the check engine light came on, along with service def system, see dealer. I have trouble codes p0247, p1692 and p1691. my truck has 105000. I am going to clear the codes at work and see if they come back. truck does not lack power or anything anyone else have...
  9. W


    I also have this code right now along with code p1692 and p0247
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    I know that Ram changed the oil type that the eco uses. What is everyone using now? I am thinking Shell T6 and one have any incite?
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    oil issues

    Well,the truck is still at the dealer. The oil cooler did in fact fail, putting oil sludge into the coolant system, and into the engine. they are trying to clean in out and are havjng to replace oil cooler, all the coolant lines, the radiator, and the heator core. no word on when it will be...
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    oil issues

    thanks I had it towed to the dealer today I figured either oil cooler or head gaskets. I appreciate it. did ypou have the same issue?
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    oil issues

    I have a 2015 ecodeisel, I had the egr cooler go bad in may, I had since had it replaced. Now, the issue is I seen an oil leak near the front of truck, so I started looking and I found oil in the coolant reservoir, and little coolant, Maybe it was mixed. I also have an oil low pressure light...
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    Low cabin heat/even less at highway speeds

    Check your coolant. I have the same issue when the coolant is low. coolant is leaking in the egr cooler