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Search results

  1. 1shadowsabre

    Waiting to hear from dealer . I could be wrong but I am will to bet its the crank bearings.

    What a bummer! What happened to the transmission?
  2. 1shadowsabre

    Well, the saga continues!

    Smarter people than me will chime in on internet diagnostics! Are there any Diagnostic Codes to help narrow it down?
  3. 1shadowsabre

    Well, the saga continues!

    The Crankshaft Positioning Sensor is a separate item and is not covered under any recalls. It is not installed along with the tone ring unless it sustained damage when the tone ring delaminates.
  4. 1shadowsabre

    New Kid

    That Del Monico Red has got to be one of the nicest colors for a truck!
  5. 1shadowsabre

    New Kid

    wow! looks beautiful....
  6. 1shadowsabre

    Transmission Tune

    I have 2 ECU's since I have the early GED tune. The stock ECU has the tone wheel update on it. The tuned ECU does not so if I lose the tone wheel I will have to swap on the side of the road I guess. My choice but my wife rarely drives the truck. The SKT trans tune is added/removed via the hand...
  7. 1shadowsabre

    Transmission Tune

    I am using the same engine tune as you and have SKT's trans tune and am very satisfied....
  8. 1shadowsabre

    What years don't need phone cable to hook up

    Who is hung up on Apple Car Play? I don't even have it! Seems like you might be confused?
  9. 1shadowsabre

    What years don't need phone cable to hook up

    My 2015 automatically connects via bluetooth. Hands free calling, Music streaming.
  10. 1shadowsabre

    What years don't need phone cable to hook up

    I think 2019 and up have CarPlay. If you have an older one you can upgrade the infotainment center
  11. 1shadowsabre

    Well, the saga continues!

    Is the battery charging while you are driving or does it discharge and you have to charge or jump the truck it to get it started?
  12. 1shadowsabre

    Remove Egr or not

    Well you would need a new tune if you decided to delete.
  13. 1shadowsabre

    Catch can install

    remove the can and see if it goes away
  14. 1shadowsabre

    FCA# Z46/ NHTSA# 22V-406

    Interesting.... everything I have ever read has said that 5% biodiesel offers about the best lubricity you can get.
  15. 1shadowsabre

    ...Well, not the battery

    Congratulations on getting your truck fixed a long way from home! I also think you seemed to keep a pretty attitude along the way and I would wager that contributed to the good service you got!
  16. 1shadowsabre

    FInally picked a truck

    It sounds like you have a great plan! That is a solid maintenance and monitoring plan. Hope you have great luck with your truck.... now for those pics..
  17. 1shadowsabre

    Dreaded SETC message with codes Stage 2 tune

    Was the SFT loaded when flashed at Dealer? You answered Yes to this question I installed my new SFT file at the dealership after W58 and tone wheel repair. Then you contradicted your own answer Kind of confusing!
  18. 1shadowsabre

    2016 Ram

    like this? https://www.idparts.com/ecodiesel-oil-cooler-68531248aa-68229403aa-p-6338.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIq-OWvO6X-QIVpj6tBh007Ar3EAQYASABEgI5jPD_BwE
  19. 1shadowsabre

    CEL P24AE

    As long as you are leaving Florida you should be good to go! Sorry, couldn't resist.... What sensor are you pulling out to clean? Do you have a mileage countdown?
  20. 1shadowsabre

    Well it finally happened.....

    Dang, I sure hope they find something concrete..... I don't have a lot of experience but I did replace a battery a few months ago and my vehicle wouldn't start after about a week. I did some poking around and found that the negative battery cable had not quite seated right and had wiggled a...