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Search results

  1. GearHead

    Well, the saga continues!

    OK, you are wanting a more definitive answer. The Tone Ring is replaced under warranty but the Sensor is a separate charge and if it is not damaged it is not replaced. Your description of symptoms would seem to not indicate a Sensor issue. If and I say If, this truck was in my shop with your...
  2. GearHead

    13 codes? Cel?

    Agree, sometimes these codes pop up from no where. Write the codes down and clear, then wait and see what repeats (exactly what a Dealer Technician is supposed to do). Some issues that I have had is connections, they appear solid, when undone they appear clean, I clean with a good quality...
  3. GearHead

    tranny issue

    OK, I'll bite. You did not designate a code for anyone to start researching. However your statement regarding the now status of "shade tree mechanic" may have some validity. First, your programmer is out of business so cannot provide any support. Any local computer whiz on automobiles can only...
  4. GearHead

    Oil life Indicator Sudden Drop

    On your first oil change did the oil change reset actually take? My first oil change was done at the dealer, the last time as well, and I made it the 40 miles home when the "Change Oil" light came on. When I went to the indicator it showed 10K miles since last oil change, zero oil life...
  5. GearHead

    P2D2F & Recall for For "HPFP" (high pressure fuel pump)

    I agree with John, two different issues. The recall for the High Pressure Fuel Pump is a national recall and will cost you nothing for the repair. Call your local dealer and find out when they will be receiving their warranty stock, give them your VIN and they will put your truck on their needs...
  6. GearHead

    Crank but no start

    Good to hear you found a resolution. In the Hazardous Materials Response world and mechanics this is sometimes referred to as "Paralysis by Analysis". But you persevered and identified your issue, good job. Enjoy.
  7. GearHead

    Service electronic throttle control.????

    At my last count the Service Electronic Throttle Control message was triggered by 88 engine control situations. I do not know the capabilities of your local tuner to catch each and everyone of these situations. But I will say you need to have a real time date scanner with DTC clear capabilities...
  8. GearHead

    13V vs 14V dash display?

    Glad to hear your other issues have been solved. I just went through this with my ED. Mine started when we got home from a four week trip to Montana with the Toy Hauler and the 2500 RAM. Went to move the ED from in front of the shop to move the 2500 in for some engine investigation and WHAM dead...
  9. GearHead

    Air suspension service light

    The Strutmaster system that I was looking at came with a "Module Fooler" to satisfy the MIL.
  10. GearHead

    Coolant leak externally from back off engine

    Not sure if that is indicative for location of leak. More than likely a function of coolant level. At idle water flow volume is at lowest but both leaks go to the valley of the block and rolling causes a slosh to the back. The only way to locate a leak on the top of the engine (EGR cooler or...
  11. GearHead


    Fahrenheit or Celsius? If you are reading in Celsius it would translate to F at 219 to 246deg. Water or Oil temp? If you were reading water temp the 246degF (119degC) would be at the de-rate threshold. If you were reading in F to begin with then you were not high at all. The thermostat opens at...
  12. GearHead

    Coolant leak externally from back off engine

    EGR leaks are common and there is a recall for it. The EGR leaks one of two ways, one externally which is the preferred option, two internally which causes water in the oil or un-cooled exhaust gases entering the intake sometimes causing an engine fire. My leak, same symptoms, was the banjo...
  13. GearHead

    Crank but no start

    You make my most analytical day seem simple. Keep it simple. Yep the Crank Position Sensor and Ring. One of the reflash recalls was to supplant the Crank Position Sensor as primary to the Camshaft Position Sensor, this was supposed to allow you to limp in when the Crank Tone Ring grenades (as...
  14. GearHead

    Coolant Leak in Back of engine.

    Exactly the same. About 150K miles. Coolant running off the back of the block down the transmission housing, losing a quart every 40 miles. Yep was the banjo coolant fitting to the turbo. I had the dealer replace the two return lines as well. No recall. The labor list is correct. My cost just...
  15. GearHead


    OK, here we go. On the ED there is a three way coolant valve which shuttles coolant between the oil heat exchanger and the transmission heat exchanger. With the factory tune the three way valve does not optimize the coolant to the radiator thus temp rises. Diesels as a family of engines run...
  16. GearHead

    What's the best ecodiesel tune today for "EGR shutoff" but keeping equipment installed?

    I used the previous GDE tune with the ECM exchange and now have the EPA Compliant GDE tune, with the hand held tuner. I noted John Jensen comment with amazement, I have changed from the GDE tune to the OEM tune multiple times with no issues. The reflash only takes a couple of minutes after you...
  17. GearHead

    Def shutdown. No warning

    I hate to pick on a dealer that I do not know, but it would appear that the tech did not clear the code so that it continued to count down, or did not do a relearn for the new DEF injector. I just recently acquired the AlfaOBD scanner and found several codes that my dealer, who I trust, should...
  18. GearHead

    Coolant Temp problems

    Temperature sensor, low cost, located in thermostat housing. Good Luck.
  19. GearHead

    W91 Recall?

    If I remember correctly, I think this was to correct the dismal turbo lag in the original AEM (Authorized Emission Modification). It was intended to shorten the delay and return some pep to the engine. I just reinstalled my Green Diesel Engineering program, now EPA Approved, and didn't worry...
  20. GearHead

    Pedal Commander cause high pressure pump to fail?

    As several persons have stated, the Pedal Commander is not the culprit here. The cp4.2 installed on the EcoD is known to fail under a couple of situations. Presently Stellantis has issued a recall for said HPFP, solution to revert to the more dependable cp3. The HPFP will be on the path to...