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Search results

  1. Ofishl1

    How many miles on your ecodiesel and have you had any problems?

    12500 trouble free w GDE..love this truck.
  2. Ofishl1

    GDE Problems??

    Last line ..what the Captn said....roger this big time.
  3. Ofishl1

    Edge Insight CTS2 color touch screen

    SOLD! Deal Done.
  4. Ofishl1

    Edge Insight CTS2 color touch screen

    Sold pending funds
  5. Ofishl1

    Edge Insight CTS2 color touch screen

    Buyer backed out..no reason provided...back up for sale.
  6. Ofishl1

    Edge Insight CTS2 color touch screen

    sold pending funds
  7. Ofishl1

    Edge Insight CTS2 color touch screen

    Should work perfectly...did in mine....wouldnt be selling it if they did not mod the ECM so much for 17'...really liked it...especially in the pillar mount.
  8. Ofishl1

    Edge Insight CTS2 color touch screen

    Ran fine on my 2015 Ecodiesel, traded for a 2017 and does not work the same, however in great condition, runs perfrctly, no scratches, in original box w manual. It was set into a Pillar mount and protected. It did manual regens, and adjusted speed- tire sizes as well. $275.00 shipped Conus after...
  9. Ofishl1

    Just bought a new 17. Initial upgrade sugg's?

    GDE is all mine needed fantastic truck.
  10. Ofishl1

    My EcoDiesel is awesome today because:

    2015 4x4 Laramie ED ran like a champ, loved it so much bought another 1 exactly the same, plus a Bighorn! Just dropped the 1st tune in the new Laramie, now realize that I should have done this on the 2015, this is what it should perform like out of the box...I really love these trucks and...
  11. Ofishl1

    Diesel additives

    Being in Arizona I run Amalgamated TDR-FL,..started in my 2015 for 35,000 miles every other tank, never any issues with, injectors or the fuel system. Stayed fairly clean. Running the same in my new 2017. Seems to perk it up a little too with the Cetane boost.
  12. Ofishl1

    4” lift pictures?

    That looks great...well done.
  13. Ofishl1

    4” lift pictures?

    I went for the optional 3 inch rear coilovers rayher than 2 in standard due to Bilstein adjustables going on the front...also had a airbag system installed in the rear but that did not drive up the cost it was separate....avg cost $2200-$2400
  14. Ofishl1

    4” lift pictures?

    Well, I opted for the 3 inch rear coil overs, and Airbag system in the rear..and went with Bilstein Adjustables on the front gave the truck a little over 4 inch lift...for roughly $2500
  15. Ofishl1

    Poor MPG

    I running a 4 inch lift on a 2017 with Ridge Grappler 35s barely get to 20mpg in front of a 3.92 rear end..but thats what I expected and mpg price paid for these mods ..still better than the Hemi with same mods..and tows very well.
  16. Ofishl1

    New from Missouri

    Welcome Show Me..lot of time and grade info in here...have buddies at Ft Leonard Wood.
  17. Ofishl1

    Good Lord, should I even buy an ED

    Same with my 2015 Laramie..traded up to a 2017 Laramie and Bighorn last month...not one prob with the 2015 for 33k...no issues on the 17s...love'em ..great trucks.
  18. Ofishl1

    RECALL Cruise Control Recall - Cruise Control may not disengage (Gas Trucks Only)

    I have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited for the wife that I think is suspect in this little Italian caper....she is trying to take command of the RAM now...:cautious: