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Search results

  1. Ofishl1

    Edge Insight CTS2 color touch screen

    Ran fine on my 2015 Ecodiesel, traded for a 2017 and does not work the same, however in great condition, runs perfrctly, no scratches, in original box w manual. It was set into a Pillar mount and protected. It did manual regens, and adjusted speed- tire sizes as well. $275.00 shipped Conus after...
  2. Ofishl1

    So we are looking at one of the end of year 2017 Bighorns 4x4

    I have a 2015 Laramie Ecod 4x4 fully loaded and they are trying to get me to trade it, only since my Sons Nissan truck was rear-ended last week and totaled, so we are helping him into a 2017 Bighorn Eco 4x4, they want to offer the moon to get my 2015, but it is fully loaded, lift, ARE Z shell...
  3. Ofishl1

    ProComp Prorunners installed

    Got the stock shocks off and felt right way much better control and feel for the large 285 K02's, less mush in the turns and better overall feel and handling,..so with the 2-1/2 inch front and 1 inch rear lift she sits just about right for this owner..mileage has dropped 2-3 mpg to low 20,s in...
  4. Ofishl1

    New 2015 EcoD Laramie

    Hi all from Az..just got my first Diesel anything last month, 4k on it and totally impressed with this truck, last was a loaded 2003 Avalanche Z71 4wd..190,000 miles of faithful service,...all my buddies at the range driving Rams..had to look forward and traded...not looking back....trying to...