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  1. Arkie 16

    2016 Ecodiesel owner

    If they find it.
  2. Arkie 16

    SFT Tuning Vs. Box Tunes.

    I think some days it is a good idea to just duck and hide under a table.
  3. Arkie 16

    FCA insider document reveals current engine failure rate.

    And he took the cask before he sold it.
  4. Arkie 16


    Some like to spread doom and gloom. Some are selling something. Most of us just drive it.
  5. Arkie 16

    New 2016 Ed owner

    I have a 16 that has been trouble free, so not everyone is having issues. I don't slam the throttle to the floor like some are trying to do with this engine. I just roll in the throttle and let it shift at 2000 to 2500 rpm. Three years old one owner. Like any engine oil and filter at proper...
  6. Arkie 16

    Help on buying 2017

    Something not right here. High dollar truck to be back on the market so soon.
  7. Arkie 16

    Turbo maintenance

    Gross Vehicle Weight Rating = truck, plus fuel, plus people, plus cargo Payload is people and cargo
  8. Arkie 16

    Hello, upset with new Ecodiesel.

    Claims 2018 truck but 1 post and gone. 36/36,000 will cover 100%
  9. Arkie 16

    SFT Tuning Vs. Box Tunes.

    No offense taken here. A thread I started asked what is prone to break that is not covered by a warranty after the bumper to bumper is over on my tradesman. Intake ,swirl valves, egr, turbo, all covered. Your tuned trucks may perform better but I just run around empty with a light throttle...
  10. Arkie 16

    SFT Tuning Vs. Box Tunes.

    Cozycabin 67 is my age. 16 is my truck year and 13,700 is the mileage. My comment was about how there are post that read just to good to be true. I do just what is advertised to be a diesel engine killer. It is my daily driver on the days I drive it at all. Being retired I don't drive it to...
  11. Arkie 16

    SFT Tuning Vs. Box Tunes.

    I have no tune and no plans to buy one.
  12. Arkie 16

    SFT Tuning Vs. Box Tunes.

    Sounds like a PAID endorsement to me. Just to sugar sweet.
  13. Arkie 16

    How Many People Are Buying 2020, EcoDiesel .

    I will keep what I have. Not even looking at anything else.
  14. Arkie 16


    BUMP All I see is the alternator and battery, seats and the fuel tank fuel pump. FCA quoted $1800 for three years so what am I missing that might get expensive?
  15. Arkie 16


    With the powertrain and the emissions warranties in force what major components are not covered? The extended bumper to bumper coverage seems expensive to cover not much on my 16 tradesman trim ED. I have not considered any coverage but FCA but a good deal elsewhere may the way to go. Truck is...
  16. Arkie 16

    New user - what to do after AEM?

  17. Arkie 16

    Block heater

    The element is in the block right side. Add the cord and use it as you desire.
  18. Arkie 16

    Radio Fuse

    Owners manual does not list a fuse in my 2016 book. May be common with something else.
  19. Arkie 16

    2016 Eco Diesel fix problem

    16 still under 36 /36 full warranty till August. If the extended parts period starts at the start of the reflash why should we 16 low mileage owners get the flash done earlier that the end of our existing coverage? Only thing I think of is cash in hand.
  20. Arkie 16

    Considering ED in California

    MY TRUCK IS AWESOME There someone said it.