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Search results

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    GDE tune interchangeably

    Not well, but we sell tunes for the 2019 that are properly matched for that configuration. Give us a call.
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    Dirty oil

    The engine oil is dirty due to poor combustion in the cylinders. A portion of the soot leaks past the rings. EGR is a separate circuit and will clog intakes with a dirty tune like factory.
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    New gde tune

    Factory tune does a regen every 50-150 miles depending on drive cycle. What is your drive cycle like? If all city, then it will regen about every 100-230 miles with GDE tune. The driving style makes a big difference. It is not much different than our old tune, maybe you want to eliminate the...
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    I’m new...tell me about your 2020 EcoDiesel

    VM and Fiat Powertrain are working on the Gen 4 version of this engine now. If they do not change the block, than all is a mute point. VM has been pushed more toward the Mercury boat line and more on the industrial side. You can cost the parent company 1.5 billion and continue like nothing...
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    New gde tune

    The new tune is a combo engine and trans tunes with one OBD flash tool to install both. Works very well!
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    New gde tune

    The software our customers download is from Alientech, the flash tool manufacturer. I am not sure how a checksum of their software would validate it. They have used the same software for 5 years now for many tuning companies, not just GDE.
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    Catastrophic engine failure

    We have been hearing of Gen3 engine failures now. The design tweaks in the new engine are not enough to prevent some failures. Also heard there is a cleanliness issue in the assembly plant. Glad they got you fixed up.
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    Diesel future moving forward

    Our Colorado tunes are released. We are working on the Ford now. Thus far with an engine and trans tune on that application we can drop the 0-60 almost 2 seconds. This will also be emission compliant when it is released.
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    Diesel future moving forward

    The Ford 3.0l Powerstroke is a nice engine and will be around for quite a while. They did a poor job of marketing it and only offer on high trim levels, this prices out a lot of potential customers. I think they might address those issues in the 2021 model year release.
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    New gde tune

    We are compiling the tunes now. We will be building customer tunes later next week. Thanks for the patience. The tune is more powerful than the older tune and drivability is the same as older tunes. It takes care of 95% of FCA issues. The other 5% are hard part problems FCA has that we...
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    GDE tune in utah - keep ECU or get a new one?

    Our new tunes will be installed with an OBD flash tool and you can revert back to stock before dealer service. You will not be changing ecms with our new tune kit. Thanks GDE
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    To delete or not delete. That is the question

    We just finished the emission certification testing on ecodiesel yesterday. We will have an engine/trans tune combo with OBD flash tool for install available in mid-June. 49-state legal at the moment. CA and CARB have more paperwork and they will be later in the summer.
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    To delete or not delete. That is the question

    Truck value drops about $5000 as a very expensive system is being removed from vehicle and this negatively affects resale value. Service is harder to get done as you cannot take it to a dealer for the most part. Can only private sale the vehicle as it is illegal for a dealer to sell a deleted...
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    GDE Hot Tune and GDE Trans Tune For Sale

    You need to flash the trans back to stock, then you can erase the tool. This will unlock it from your VIN and make it feasible to resell the tool. The next person could just buy a trans tune at that point.
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    14 ram ecodiesel deleted started smoking more

    If it was fine for a while, there is a good chance the turbo has been damaged due to overspeeding the bearings. Many of these tunes companies make tend to overspeed the turbo if power bump is over 30 hp. Hope you can get it sorted out.
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    14 ram ecodiesel deleted started smoking more

    Who did the tune for you?
  17. G

    Deleted now won’t start.....

    Check the fault codes and post them up.
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    VM Motori Drops 3.0 Ecodiesel media Campaign.

    The ZF trans is very nice. The 2020 Gen3 engine will have its own issues that need addressing. Some issues will be related to the Gen2 engine and others will be new issues based on the changed hardware. It is still a poor integration on the engine compared to Ford or GM.
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    VM Motori Drops 3.0 Ecodiesel media Campaign.

    MR506 is the same base engine as Ram, modified for marine use. The 630 was designed for passenger car use and worked very well for that purpose. A truck engine should have a different design to handle the increased load factor. I agree a clean sheet design is warranted.
  20. G

    EGR Question

    Monitor your DEF consumption. It will increase substantially and eventually have issues. The exhaust repair for over dosing and destroying the SCR washcoat should be less than $3000, it may take 10,000-20,000 miles for this to happen.