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Search results

  1. CaptainMal

    The Fun Begins

    Bet they stuck in the old EGR model which would have to come out later when the new ones are available. Now with the total motor issue, it is another issue. Parts may not be available until late Spring so many, many Ecodiesels are sitting and owners are stuck with nothing that can even be...
  2. CaptainMal

    Anyone live near gde’s shop?

    GDE has been closed because of the EPA for months. Old news here. SFT and the old GDE tune available from HD Diesel Supply are the options right now.
  3. CaptainMal

    “Full of soot.”

    Nothing new here. The faulty EGR system, left unaltered or tuned out, trashes Ecodiesels. Now, with those leaky EGR plates all to be replaced, they catch on fire. What do you like best?
  4. CaptainMal

    truck burned now I’m fuming

    Well it sure seems that "warm" fuzzy feeling you get with a good Ecodiesel is more warm than fuzzy. Now I can't be impartial as i traded mine off for a new Cummins in early September. This was before all this recall, EGR and another merger stuff came out. To me it was a wonderful vehicle for...
  5. CaptainMal


    https://www.wsj.com/articles/fiat-chrysler-gets-second-chance-at-merger-this-time-with-peugeot-11572433235 Guessing this is the new "name" of the company.
  6. CaptainMal

    It's Official! EGR Recall notice to me from NHTSA

    What about all those that tuned or removed the EGR? If removed obviously you are not going to deal with this recall. If tuned out but there you still want nothing to do with it but now there's an issue. You leave it alone, it burns through and maybe you have insurance or warranty issues...
  7. CaptainMal

    Hot One To Watch

    Yeah John. Both consumer Reports and AllPar have that EGR recall in discussion. This is going to be a major expense into the 100's of millions of dollars. Talk is of only a few fires and four minor injuries. ???? Been looking at Ecodiesels burned up for a couple years now. Few my butt. Few...
  8. CaptainMal

    Hot One To Watch

    Just to make it clear - I flat out had near 100% success with my Ecodiesel for all those years and miles. The wife thought a 1500 was flimsy in construction. She did not like the hot-running engine and transmission on Western mountain grades pulling the toy hauler. It still pulled well but she...
  9. CaptainMal

    EGR delete.

    John is right. His recommendation seems to work. HD Diesel out of Canada is an option I had recommended to me by a very respected person that "was" in the tuning business. I did not need it as my GDE was back in my Ecodiesel after the AEM so had no issues. Since then my local dealer offered me...
  10. CaptainMal

    Hot One To Watch

    After 5 1/2 years with 114,000 miles of pure delight ... E69DE9C3-FF50-4EF1-B9C2-7994D21FB0B2 by Larry Malinoski, on Flickr
  11. CaptainMal

    Hot One To Watch

    No. Not mine. Curious that the fireman emptied 2-3 extinguishers and did near nothing to the fire. That hood sure fuels it. Took way more than anyone would carry in their truck to get that one out. Actually after 5 1/2 years and 114,000 miles I just traded mine. Need to update my information.
  12. CaptainMal

    Hot One To Watch

    Hope this link will work. Probably an EGR stuck open to heat things up and take it all down.
  13. CaptainMal

    Reimbursement Timeline?

    Took me three months, start to finish. Check took about a month to arrive after final paperwork was approved and the notice that the check was coming was up on my claim.
  14. CaptainMal

    Truck gave up

    If you had the AEM done, all would be covered under that extended warranty. Did mine right away so now it is covered until something like 148,000 miles. If you delayed and did not do it - ???
  15. CaptainMal

    New eco diesels

    Just saw around 7 advertised on Kernesville Ram. Something wrong with the EPA certification I saw but they seem to show up in picture and with a window sticker. One I did a screen shot on had a build date of 6-'19. Guessing they might exist. Just funny the information on them at that site does...
  16. CaptainMal

    New eco diesels

    Dave Smith is probably like Kernersville Ram. The put an inventory on the internet and it's not correct. Read the fine print and you just may see it is a 3.6L V6 gasser. There were no Ecodiesels made with a 2019 model designation. Last production was for 2018 models.
  17. CaptainMal

    $one million dollare$

    Why you bitch at us? We are owners and most of us like our 'ecodiesels. You got a beef - do it with FCA. I have one of the very first ones sold in early 2014. "Only" 112,000 miles on it but they sure have been memorable. Great fuel mileage, good towing power and operation. Of course I did one...
  18. CaptainMal


    Been using water the last near 100,000 miles. GDE tuned. Think it is the same with that SofaKing OBDII port tune also. Not sure.
  19. CaptainMal


    What California needs to do is vote and change the entire mess voters have created there. I use water in my DEF tank. Nice and clean. Been doing that for over 100,000 miles. GDE.
  20. CaptainMal

    2020 Ecodiesel Launch on the way...

    Oh - as for your first question ... only if I find out that GDE can tune the thing. That will take months. No way in Heqq would I run a modern diesel with a working EGR system, even one with a double system like the 2020 is proposed. Same with the DEF fragile and failed mess. If the Ecodiesel...