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  1. Dream Big


    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Vivian. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Vivian


  3. Dream Big

    Anyone found Tone Rings?

    I drove down and bought one at the dealership.
  4. Dream Big

    Error Code P2002 Question

    Look, man. This forum isn’t for gashing the Ecodiesel. Most of us have great, fully functional trucks. Mine is a 2015 with a 197k and zero problems until I had to replace the reluctor wheel. Please be more positive about your wants and needs from this site or see yourself out. Thanks.
  5. Dream Big

    Crankshaft position sensor (tone wheel)

    Have any of you made an attempt at fixing it yourself? I’m debating it. First major issue I have had on my 2015, and it has 196,000 and some change on it. Been a great truck.
  6. Dream Big

    Variable Geometry Turbo Position

    I have a screen shot from OBD. I’m not getting a feedback signal from “Turbo B” position sensor. I can’t get any support from Green Diesel Engineering anymore because the EPA won’t let them speak with me. Any feedback from the forum?
  7. Dream Big

    EcoDiesel Engine Failure 44k miles (2015, so out of warranty)

    That sucks, man. Sorry that happened to you. If you do a full court press on corporate, fill out all the forms the way they want, and find a customer friendly dealership, you’ll probably get another engine without a lot of heartache. Make sure to get an attorney consult, though.
  8. Dream Big

    My new constant pain… at least she’s pretty!

    A light burp of black at initial throttle, and occasional diesel smell. But, been around diesel trucks my whole life. I prefer it.
  9. Dream Big

    My new constant pain… at least she’s pretty!

    Smell? Fuel mileage is about the same.
  10. Dream Big

    Tune and Delete

    I wonder how it would compare to a full delete 60hp/60ft/lb tune that I currently have.
  11. Dream Big

    My new constant pain… at least she’s pretty!

    GDE full delete tune with trans tune. ECM tune is no longer available.
  12. Dream Big

    Tune and Delete

    What’s SFT an acronym for?
  13. Dream Big

    Tune and Delete

    Unless you can find a local tuner, probably nobody. GDE and PPEI do EPA compliant tunes only now.
  14. Dream Big

    My new constant pain… at least she’s pretty!

    2015 Ram Big Horn, fully deleted and tuned. 192k miles and still running amazing.
  15. Dream Big

    Blown '14 Eco Diesel

    See if you can get a 2015 or newer engine.
  16. Dream Big

    Catastrophic failure

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the Ecodiesel. My ‘15 has 190k and still going strong.
  17. Dream Big

    Blown engine at 58,000

    Sorry to hear that. My 2015 has 190k miles and still running amazing. Attorneys work wonders in reference to FCA. Good luck!
  18. Dream Big


    Cavemann… Don’t pay that kinda guy any mind. I live over between SanTan and Queen Creek and I get the same bs as well. My truck is fully deleted and tuned, so it sounds great. Also attracts douche canoes. Just smile and laugh as 6.7 boy gets 9 mpg.