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Search results

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    Most Miles seen on an EcoDiesel - I will start

    i am second owner on 2016 with 124848. MPGs rarely get beyond low 20s. What is the deal????
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    Most Miles seen on an EcoDiesel - I will start

    how do get that sort of MPG?
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    Hello All getting back connected to the online community. I have 2016 Eco 1500 Laramie

    has anyone experienced situation where truck won't start and getting readout on dash about shift selector and transmission. Truck was running perfect night before with no indications of malfunction. Next day would not turn over and was in shift knob was in stuck in Drive. could not put truck in...
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    P1286 Code on 2016 Ram Ecodiesel

    Took Truck into O/C and check engine light read P1286. The list did not say anything about EGR. Is P1286 a major repair?
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    New 2016 Ram Eco Diessel owner

    Hello all. I am glad I found this forum looking for information about Check Engine light with codes P245B P1286. Your discussions look like you have it figured out. I am waiting of the dealer to contact me about bringing it in.