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Search results

  1. William Wehlage

    Best Tank Yet

    I have GDE Hottune which helps and 10 ply 17'' tires which hurts. Last week drove 200mi one way on the interstate at 75-80, turned around and came back on the same path at about adv 74 MPH. adv 27.7 MPG hand calculated at theses speeds.
  2. William Wehlage

    Best Tank Yet

    It does less, 3-4 mpg
  3. William Wehlage

    27K Check Engine Light

    Today the CEL came on and remained on for two different trips into town. It disappeared on my second return trip. It was on a total of about 15 miles. Any ideas? Don't really want to take it in If I don't have to, dealer is 1 hour away.
  4. William Wehlage

    Best Tank Yet

    80 or so miles running around in Ohio, I decided to head back to NE Oklahoma thinking I'd need fuel for sure on the way back, as I adved about 28.3 on the way down. But to my great surprise, I pulled into my hometown gas station with 740 miles on the tank and the EVIC claiming 31.5MPG which...
  5. William Wehlage

    What size Inverter?

    Folks. I know nothing about watts and amps. I'd like to put an inverter on the truck to run a couple of bigger things that the 100 watt stock one will not run. How big of one can the truck's charging system handle without draining the battery? Also, is there a way to hook it into the stock...
  6. William Wehlage

    Ranch Supreme Cap

    Ok. Here is the first report for MPGs with the high rise Topper. 621 miles on 22.4 gal. worked out to be 27.7 MPG hand calculated. This included about 1hr total of idling, 20 percent of short trips back and forth to town with adv. speed of 30 mpg. The rest was a 500 mile round trip past OKC...
  7. William Wehlage

    3.0 longevity

    Is it just me, or is it possible that many of the problems are related to the sooooooot in the engine. I love the GDE hot tune that shuts off the EGR. Oil is pretty clean even at 5k
  8. William Wehlage

    Best full syn for 2014 4x4 eco

    I'll try almost anything for more MPGs, but really, with the GDE tune, I'm pushing at least 28 MPG empty and around 18-19 towing a cattle trailer. The heat is the issue for me. I've been hitting 239ish while towing and am a little worried. It seems to go down if I DON'T use the powerservice...
  9. William Wehlage

    Ranch Supreme Cap

    Sorry folks. Been a while since I've posted. I've been looking at truck toppers for my 2015 Eco diesel. A.R.E. maintains that the hi caps will actually help MPGs while towing large trailers like my cattle trailer. Problem is, they wanted almost 2k for one. Well, lo and behold, I was...
  10. William Wehlage

    Truck Cap

    Man, that looks great!!!!!
  11. William Wehlage


    2015 RAM 1500 Ecodiesel Bighorn with 17'' Rims and 10ply tires. This is my second fillup with DEF (at the pump) and first fillup of DEF with the entire mileage on the GDE Hottune. First fillup I went 8166 Miles on 5.91 Gal of DEF for a MPG of 1381. 2nd fillup was 8221 miles later and...
  12. William Wehlage

    Fuel Supplement

    I just ordered two 2.5 gal jugs of diesel kleen from the link below. I began using this product when the truck was new, and I really like it. It is much cheaper bulk. One of these jugs will do me over 97000 miles so I split the purchase with a friend. What I like about the product is that...
  13. William Wehlage

    Carcomplaints.com email

    received this email today. Anyone heard of it? it came from carcomplaints.com Lawsuit: Defeat Device in EcoDiesel? Is Fiat-Chrysler’s (FCA) EcoDiesel engine not so “eco-friendly” after all? A new lawsuit says certain EcoDiesel trucks and SUVs contain a defeat device – similar to the one VW...
  14. William Wehlage

    Post EVIC Shot of your Longest Tank

    great job. better than I could have gotten prior to the tuner.
  15. William Wehlage

    Post EVIC Shot of your Longest Tank

    Do you have a tuner? Pretty good MPG if not!!!
  16. William Wehlage

    Towing Report

    Yes, I'm happy with it. Most if not all of my towing is with a tall 16' cattle trailer. That's probably why I don't see as good of numbers as I would with a flatbed trailer or shorter one. The other day, I went on a 280 mile trip with it and adv around 16.8. Not great, but sure beats the hemi.
  17. William Wehlage

    Towing Report

    Woops, I guess I left it out of the post. Yes, GDE Hot Tune.
  18. William Wehlage

    Towing Report

    Just took my first significant trip with a cattle trailer. Remember, I have a 2015 Ram Ecodiesel Bighorn Quad Cab 4x4 with 17’’ Rims and 10ply tires. I will explain the trip in three Legs. My first leg was 280 miles that was mostly highspeed interstate with an empty 16’ 2800 LB steel cattle...
  19. William Wehlage

    Convince me please...

    If you're looking for a reason to keep your ecodiesel, Just sit down and figure the difference is the fuel you will spend between the new vehicles and the difference in the sticker price which should come to at least 15k. Tell you wife you need to take 15k out of the kid's college fund to buy a...
  20. William Wehlage


    I have no Idea which headlights I have. Mine is a 2015 bighorn. I looked up the link that you were referring to and it looks very complicated (for me at least). Ain't there just a brighter bulb or something I can put in?