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    P026D HELP !!!! WONT SMOG

    P026D My experience with this code. I installed a PEDAL COMMANDER on my truck because it was too slow to come up to speed. I set it a little higher like sport mode 2 or 3. I drove to Colorado over a weekend drive. At some times I would floor the pedal to pick up speed. Coming back home I put in...
  2. H

    Who has a 2020 eco? Any issues yet?

    I own a 2020 ecodiesel, now at 55,000 mi. I hear grinding noise at random when turning. Started around 20,000 mi., dealer said nothing wrong, It is getting more frequent. I need a fix to this.
  3. H

    Hi I'm Hank, live in Page AZ. I own a 2020 eco diesel 1500 Limited.

    Joined the forum because I am having issues with steering. I hear like a grinding noise when turning. The noise does not come in every time I turn. It is random. Just wanting to know if anyone is have the same issue and what the remedy is if there is one. I am planning to take it to the dealer...
  4. H

    P026D HELP !!!! WONT SMOG

    TC Diesel, I have that trouble code P026D and I'd like to clear it off. My truck has 51850+ miles on it. It came up after refueling. I cleared it off and ran good for 3 days. Now the code is back. I'm new to this forum. I need to know how I can get in touch for solving the issue.
  5. H

    New member

    Hi I'm Hank. I live in Page AZ. I have a 2020 Ram 1500 ecodiesel, Limited. I joined the forum to find out what I need to do to eliminate a code P026D. I need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance.
  6. H

    I have the same code p026d. Would like to know what its for.

    I have the same code p026d. Would like to know what its for.