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    mpg report from 4 or 6" lift kits?

    I started with a 3 inch spacers and a bed leveling 35s and 20s Mpgs went down from 25 to 23 combined Then I went to 6 inch lift total. It went down again to 22 mpg, added a winch as well, truck is 4x4. Hope it helps
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    Pro Comp Level setup with Pics

    I like the white truck looks, that's what I wanted, ended with a black one, oh well. I have 10x20 rims, 35 12.50 toyos and Iost 4 miles por gallon went from 25 to 26mpgs to 21 22 mpg
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    Turn Knob gear selector

    Just takes some time to get used to it, specially if you drive other vehicles with the regular shifter.
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    EcoDiesel Emissions Problems

    I had a problem with the engine light on due to catalyst sensor going bad at 8000 miles, took six weeks to get part (back order item). Hope no more problems. I was able to drive the truck, while the part was send to dealer.
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    What did you trade for your EcoDiesel?

    Your forum appears very slow moving, only old post unfurtunally, hope more people would find it
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    What did you trade for your EcoDiesel?

    Traded a thirsty Tundra, happy so far
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    Hi every one

    New member here from Houston, willing to learn and share information about our common interest.;)