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Search results

  1. GWolf

    Failed ecodiesel

    Update six days later.... The dealership seems to be standing by their product along with two week rental vehicle. Only news so far is that the intake manifold and EGR cooler are being replaced. Wish me luck.
  2. GWolf

    Failed ecodiesel

    First time stranded (so far) 21800 miles on 2017. Five minutes after leaving work last week before even completely warm, loss of power then low oil pressure alarm and acrid white smoke from beneath hood. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. No verdict from dealership yet. I searched but can’t...
  3. GWolf

    2018 Problems??

    My main advice is to avoid the military overseas auto sales racket. They say tax free but you lose the ability to negotiate completely. Getting $10-12K off sticker is pretty standard and buying now at the end of the year and model style you could do much better. Just have your credit union...
  4. GWolf

    New Tow Rig

    The Ram boxes are a must for me but they do make finding tonneau covers trickier. The 2017 auto locking mechanism is pretty nifty too.
  5. GWolf

    Hi Everyone.

    Hi, everyone, fairly new to the diesel world except for a Fiat diesel sedan that I owned living in Italy with the Navy fifteen or so years ago. This is my third Ram though and nothing but positive experiences so far. I'm not seeing the claimed mpg yet but my drives are mainly City for this...
  6. GWolf

    Paul's Ride

    Nice topper.
  7. New Tow Rig

    New Tow Rig

    Pretty much stock Laramie with the 34" ATZ P3 Mickey Thompsons pulled off my trade and Westin Thrasher running boards freshly installed. Traded a 2012 LL 3.92/5.7L for the eco diesel and only seeing a 5mpg improvement on the first tank of fuel.
  8. GWolf

    New Tow Rig

    GWolf submitted a new Garage Item: New Tow Rig Read more about this showcase item here...