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Search results

  1. TC Diesel

    Low oil pressure

    OP.. If the MIL/CEL is operating correctly you dropped below 8PSI (SWITCH) You need live gauge like this one...Sell ASAP... and I mean drive it to Dealer right now (Today) or risk joining the 30K+ engine failures.
  2. TC Diesel

    Another engine blow up at 52k, any advice?

    A Subaru is NOT a Tow Vehicle other than a small travel trailer.... I towed a couple of times with My Eco...My Wagons are still within the MFG tow Ratings MT witch are equal to it's MPG , very overrated. No way do I want to tow over 7000LBS ground pressure... with My 1/2 tons. I use my...
  3. TC Diesel

    Another engine blow up at 52k, any advice?

    Its VM Motori / Fiat you need to target Your dis-loyalty. The 0.50-0.75 difference in price plus $2-3K more used Vs the risk and additional operating costs tip the scales in favor of Gas. My 2019 Ram limited in the same 4 Years of ownership Eco 2015-19, 5.9 2019-23 has cost me - 829.00 less...
  4. TC Diesel

    Engine Failure - Warranty Claim - DENIED

    Nothing wrong with 8K service...Although it does not change the Hero/Zero Status. Early lube service will extend the life of any Hero engine it will not change the Zero status of the VM 3.0.
  5. TC Diesel

    Another engine blow up at 52k, any advice?

    My Limited 5.7 gets 19/21 Hwy 70MPH, My 2015 VM 3.0 was 22/24 HC, My Best VM 3.0 was 30 MPG 65 MPH 1 time.. Most of those MPG on VM 3.0 are L-O-M results/most don't HC... My 2019 Limited 5.7 Avg last Tank 16.7 MPG City/HWY... My 2015 VM 3.0 Records show it was 19.7 Back in April 2019... The...
  6. TC Diesel

    Having issues, 6 codes

    You will need WITECH just to clear those codes....Why its not starting? First you will need to remove the FCA and check for Debris if fine mantellic like material if found your entire fuel system will need replacing. Those are some codes not related to one another... you likely have big...
  7. TC Diesel

    Why I will never buy an Ecodiesel or any FCA product ever again.

    I would sell, you simply don't need 1/2 ton Diesel....your problems will just continue.
  8. TC Diesel

    Another engine blow up at 52k, any advice?

    If Someone would manufacture a dependable engine for the 1/2 Ton I would buy it..I gave Ram a shot in 4.25 Years of ownership, and Like My wife commented, she never seen me baby sit a truck more than the Ram 1/2 ton VM 3.0 in the entire fleet of trucks I own and have owned. GM, 3.0 is just to...
  9. TC Diesel

    Another engine blow up at 52k, any advice?

    Me... Let see Now, I forecasted That VM 3.0 back in 2016 were failing (Puke engines) at a rate 250 weekly, Verified correct, Mid 2015 I publicly declared that VM 3.0 had conditional tuning the EPA agree with Me, Jan 2017. 2018 I forecasted the failures would continue 2017+ Verified correct, I...
  10. TC Diesel

    2014 dodge eco diesel

    Just think this generation's understanding global warming could have saved the Titanic.
  11. TC Diesel

    2014 dodge eco diesel

    John...your kindness is being taken advantage of...the person at the dealership an Idiot...
  12. TC Diesel

    2014 dodge eco diesel

    LMBO...ON the never...hmm just change the whole transmission..when it fails...
  13. TC Diesel

    Another engine blow up at 52k, any advice?

    GM is likely to stop production on its 1/2 ton DSL...unless you're driving 60k+ miles yearly go gas.
  14. TC Diesel

    2014 dodge eco diesel

    Yes...You need to know what your doing...if changing filter/pan...Valoline Max life T-fuild works...in ZF Transmissions
  15. TC Diesel

    New from Texas

    Naaa, if you can return it for full refund do so..... aggressive has relative meanings.
  16. TC Diesel

    New from Texas

    Its likely the big connection under the dash drivers' side behind the knee booster panel
  17. TC Diesel

    New from Texas

    Define won't crank? The reason I ask because it has different meanings in N/A.
  18. TC Diesel

    Dodge dealership charging way to much (rant)

    Many dealerships put the facade on. In reality many dealerships service teams conceal a less pleasant outcome. $60.15 for shop Supplies LMBO.... IMO The stealer ship is fleecing YOU OP.
  19. TC Diesel

    New Ram owner

    Start Pulling OAs , and Get GDE EI tune , first sign of high elevate OA trends sell it, .
  20. TC Diesel

    Engine stalled while driving

    If I would take shots before all the failure's I be would drunk 4+ Days a Week.... K-3, If you keep the VM ED, place it on a Steady Diet of OA Trends, and GDE EI Tune, First sign of elevated OA trends sell.