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Search results

  1. Brady

    Oil filter

    For non bio fuel, oil filter every 10k miles, fuel filter every 20k miles. I have skipped on the fuel filter and ran 30k miles in between changes a couple of times. I've even read of owners never changing the dang thing and having no fuel related issues, but I would not recommend such. My...
  2. Brady

    Thinking about ditching the diesel

    If I jumped through all the hoops of recalls and expensive oil changes just for average fuel economy, I'd be gone too! Don't blame you one bit.
  3. Brady

    Truck Cap - ARE Series V for the 5'7" bed

    I had been searching used for a couple of years but finally decided to buy new exactly what I wanted. All in was just under $2400.
  4. Brady


    I can't remember exactly, but I received mine relatively fast, maybe 6 weeks? Yea this platform is not without troubles for sure. There are things you can do to increase it's reliability and keep it out of the shop, but they can make going to the dealership, or registrar, problematic.
  5. Brady

    I have a 2016 Laramie Longhorn Eco Diesel I bought new. Great truck. Excellent mileage.

    A class action lawsuit alleges Fiat Chrysler (FCA) sold hundreds of thousands of Ram 1500 trucks equipped with defective exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers between June 12, 2013 to October 23, 2019. The suit claims that the EGR coolers are prone to thermal fatigue, which makes the coolers...
  6. Brady

    Crankshaft positioning sensor and Tone Ring Failure on Eco diesel.

    Well you're eliminating the emission controls all together so yes it's the 'worst mod ever'. I was trying to point out to the poster that by deleting you basically forego any interaction with dealerships regarding warranty work.
  7. Brady

    Crankshaft positioning sensor and Tone Ring Failure on Eco diesel.

    Interested in how that'll play out on a tuned and deleted truck.
  8. Brady

    Greetings & Salutations! Any helpful advice for an ecodiesel newb would be appreciated.

    I've run an Edge CS2 for about 5 years now and no problem. It mounts with suction cup in the corner of the windshield out of sight lines.
  9. Brady

    Questions about emission system intact and deleting

    I want to know how you know when your EcoDiesel is doing a regen and also how do you tell when it needs a regen? In theory, it should happen in the background with no user input. The factory programming takes care of the process without the driver even knowing. You'll only receive a message if...
  10. Brady

    Truck Cap - ARE Series V for the 5'7" bed

    Lol subconsciously I am turning the truck into a Yukon that I used to drive. But it's perfect to keep the survey gear secure and out of the elements. And let's face it, the 5'7" bed is just a big trunk anyway. For the big items I have a trailer to use when needed.
  11. Brady

    Truck Cap - ARE Series V for the 5'7" bed

    Finally had my cap installed yesterday. It is an A.R.E. Series V with flip out windows and flip down bulk head window, single handle at back, and luggage tracks on top for a bar system. Haven't had it long to give a good review, but my initial impression is it is built solid. I power washed it...
  12. Brady

    Sparkplugs and miscellaneous upgrades

    Are you having issues with the truck? I wouldn't mess with the glow plugs or fuses unless something doesn't work. Maybe have some spares on hand. At your mileage fluid changes and wearable items like tires, suspension, and wipers are things to check. You can inspect belts, hoses, and clamps...
  13. Brady

    Sparkplugs and miscellaneous upgrades

    Well Mike, not so sure you should even be messing with a fuse if you're looking for spark plugs on your Ecodiesel truck.
  14. Brady

    3.0L Eco Diesel vs. 5.7L Hemi

    I would agree with the 3.92 gearing based on personal preference only, although I think you would be fine with the 3.55 as well. Ceteris paribus, take the best deal.
  15. Brady

    Hitch Load Limit 2018 Ram 1500 ED Laramie

    A good rule of thumb is 10-15%, so an 8,000# loaded trailer = 800# to 1,200# tongue weight.
  16. Brady

    looking for refresh kit for 3.0

    What parts are you looking to 'refresh'? Also, why did they deny the warranty?
  17. Brady

    Trading in ecodiesel

    If you are thinking TRX or Rebel, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the Ford Raptor. My brother in law has a Raptor (2018 maybe?) and it is cream of the crop. The power and suspension is amazing and the interior is plush with all the creature comforts you could want. I've never driven a...
  18. Brady

    RECALL W58 - Crankshaft position sensor tone wheel may delaminate

    The software patches the complete loss of engine failure by reading the crankshaft position from another sensor. What that does is allow the engine to run in a reduced capacity. It is designed to "limp it" home rather than a complete loss of power. It could help navigate a potentially dangerous...
  19. Brady

    Post Emissions Delete

    How do you figure what? If you drive a 2014-2019 EcoD you have 3.55 or 3.92 gears.
  20. Brady

    Engine Block Heater

    Lol dang I posted that back when I bought the truck, almost 6 years ago now. I run mine when I see temps below 40 degrees F on a regular basis. In Ohio, that is only about 2 months a year. But this winter has been a good and cold one so it's been on for almost 3 months.