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  1. jdn112011

    Park Sensors + Winter

    I turn them off unless my wife drives it 😂
  2. jdn112011

    Looking to buy a DD diesel but need honest advice

    It's a crap shoot for any emissions ridden diesel and now you can't tune them. All manufacturers half ton or HD all the way to commercial and even ag. Find one that's already been altered and hope for the Best. My 2015 has been good knock on wood. About 110k anyways, delete at around 80k changed...
  3. jdn112011

    Air Suspension Problems

    My results were a leaking bag, and the general overheated compressor/stuck valve block but my extended Warranty is being a stickler because it's near the end of it's service life so i'll likely be having to do the 500$ compressor out of pocket by next year.
  4. jdn112011

    Post Emissions Delete

    I wouldn't bother with 35's unless you know that you have the 3.92 gears. The 8 speed and 3.55's don't run right with a 34.5 Tire. Keep the 33 that it comes with, go a little wider if that's what you want
  5. jdn112011

    Turbo problems

    sounds like your Turbo is spooling up and creating boost lol
  6. jdn112011

    Engine Block Heater

    Whenever you want to pay the electricity cost for a little faster warm up. I don't worry too much about plugging mine in until single digits but it does help. I've had it plugged in in +40. But that's Just me
  7. jdn112011

    Air Suspension Problems

    Dealer just told me 2300 for a compressor assembly and bag. Extended Warranty won't cover the compressor which is lovely, stating it's not failed because it's not complete failure. Anyways compressor assembly is 530$ online. Even dealer install, nitrogen charge antifreeze, etc was only about...
  8. jdn112011

    Air Suspension Problems

    You likely need or will soon need a 40amp low profile fuse, get it into a heated garage, let everything get up to temperature. Replace the f5? Air suspension compressor fuse if it's blown. Get the system to air up properly to normal position. Then Remove the fuse until spring.
  9. jdn112011

    EcoDiesel Service Electronic Throttle Control Message

    This is an electrical issue. It's a temperature sensor... I also didn't have any of these issues until I tuned the truck. Been a PITA since.
  10. jdn112011

    EcoDiesel Service Electronic Throttle Control Message

    Gde says it's the Turbo outlet temp sensor but I've replaced it with no luck. Get a good temp reading, can't figure out the other sensor it communicates with... so... places gun to head
  11. jdn112011

    EcoDiesel Service Electronic Throttle Control Message

    Anyone figure out the fix on the P00EB code?
  12. jdn112011

    Were you ever able to identify the cause of this code?

    Were you ever able to identify the cause of this code?
  13. jdn112011

    P203e code

    Have you tried just adding Def? My gauge started to be worthless below 1/4 and I had the same issue. But when I added Def it registered. You just had to guess Work the bottom 1/4.
  14. jdn112011

    Help. Cooper ATW or STT PRO

    Well a little update here, have 48k on the tires now, have never once needed to get them re balanced, smooth as can be with regular rotations. Just noisy and poor fuel mileage. Tires got cupped from when the local Tire Shop screwed up my alignment after a level which sucked, and starting to tow...
  15. jdn112011

    Leaking oil filter housing after oil change

    That's the way to go! Was it dealer service or a individual Shop that did it wrong?
  16. jdn112011

    Leaking oil filter housing after oil change

    @TrevorB , O ring was in the wrong location of the oil filter cap
  17. jdn112011

    How many miles on your ecodiesel and have you had any problems?

    So I'm going to go out here and disagree with the foam causing fires.. it's high density closed cell foam blocks on the top that do not pick up dirt or progressively make it more prone to heat. 81k and I pulled mine last night, only thing that I found was a completely clean fuel system because...
  18. jdn112011

    Anyone Have 5th Wheel Setup In Short Box Eco?

    Local rv Shop was only about 180 to install my 5th wheel plates but standard box so I didn't mess with the install itself. I use the Andersen hitch and am very happy with it. And it's light so it's no back ache to take it in or out at 45# (the full steel 5th wheel version) Only thing with the...
  19. jdn112011

    K & N air filter

    I ran one for a interval early in my ownership but didn't notice any difference. It went on the shelf and I've Used paper ever since. I think if a person went to a reusable then the aem dry would be the way to go. Just my 2¢
  20. jdn112011

    After market engine oil cooler

    The dj oil cooler system is the only one that I am aware of that includes a thermal valve that limits flow to allow oil temps to raise to efficient temperatures in cold climate. Northern Minnesota myself so that's on the docket if I ever start building up the truck