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  1. jdn112011

    No restart

    Anyone else experience this no restart message with Def on the gauge? Not sure if the tank sensor is junk.. or def injector plugged? I was planning to delete this summer.. I guess now it's this month...
  2. jdn112011

    New 5th wheel

    Got this rig last week, 30ft ice castle fish house 5th wheel. A little shy of 8k (think the sticker says 7280 empty). Just got the truck set up for 5th wheel last night and towed it to work this morning, temps were all good 62ish MPH, beast of a Trailer though probably a strict 55 tow...
  3. jdn112011

    Playing With The Big Trucks!

    jdn112011 submitted a new Garage Item: Playing With The Big Trucks! Read more about this showcase item here...
  4. jdn112011

    EcoDiesel JL power numbers!

    Well it looks like they are getting some stronger power figures for the 2019 available wrangler JL that was announced. The 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 engine, which will be available starting in 2019, makes 262 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. 8 Speed Auto transmission only. Quite a bump. From...
  5. jdn112011

    Auto up/down windows

    Had an issue with my drivers window refusing to Auto Up the last few days, not really sure what triggered it but was really bothering me. Anyways simple fix, I had a 2001 Mercedes clk, frameless window coupe, if the battery was ever disconnected the windows would stick 4" from close, (they Auto...
  6. jdn112011

    Fuel filter drain procedure

    So I was reading through the service manual recently and realized I had been performing the fuel filter drain service all wrong! I like many people struggled to get a reasonable flow for the drain so I ordered the solid brass drain plug from Geno's. Come to find out, procedure states to open...
  7. jdn112011

    Ecodiesel VS. 1994 Cummins

    Saw some cool power numbers from the 1994 dodge ad!! I guess if you Couple this new engine with a 4 speed and it's a certified 3/4 or 1 ton!
  8. jdn112011

    Ecodiesel Stump Pulling

    jdn112011 submitted a new Garage Item: Pure Ecodiesel Stump Pulling Power Read more about this showcase item here...
  9. jdn112011

    Tailgate Fun

    I hope this makes you all smile. :)
  10. jdn112011

    Adjustable Air suspension links

    Ok as many people know there are adjustable air suspension links manufactured by "adjustable air ride" manufactured for our trucks, which is a good product but it's $299USD. I'm planning to build some custom adjustable links over the next few weeks and I am wondering if there is any market for...
  11. jdn112011

    Finally Some New Shoes.

    Tires showed up this afternoon, me being all giddy skipped out of Work and bumped up my appointment at the Tire Shop to today. 275/65/20 cooper STT Pro. factory 20x9" longhorn rim. Factory 4 corner air. Hypertech speed calibrator (oddly set at 33.0" though the factory setting was off and is...
  12. jdn112011

    Ecodiesel Badging

    Just personal preference and the color scheme of my truck but I changed my badging to Jeep emblems instead of the ram. Pictures are a little poor but here it goes:
  13. jdn112011

    Banks intake manifold

    Kind of impressed with this little find I came across. Banks now has a CAST intake manifold to replace the OE plastic for the ecodiesel that COMPLETELY DELETES EGR. To the tune of $700
  14. jdn112011

    Front Brake UpgradeUpgrade

    30k on the factory oem pads but according to Ram's service and maintenance intervals on the app at 30k it's due for front brake pads, I figured it was time for an upgrade anyways. When I've got any significant payload or a trailer in tow I can tell more in the braking performance than any other...
  15. jdn112011

    Help. Cooper ATW or STT PRO

    A can't decide between taking a 50K mile rated all year AT tire with milder tread but exceptional winter performance. Or going to a highway mannered very aggressive MT tire with cold weather capabilities. I'm going to a 10 ply 34 that has already been decided so measurements will be according...
  16. jdn112011

    Rear Differential Service

    I was borderline between severe service and regular maintenance so I opted to do the fluid change on my 3.55 limited slip at about 29k and 1 year old. Ram differentials do have drain plugs which is very helpful! Located to the passenger side behind the casting for the fill and cover. But it...
  17. jdn112011

    WARNING VOID Engine Warranty

    So to anyone who did or has done as I have well I hope there isn't anyone. Champion oils, SynGold 5w30 has two different part numbers. They use the same exact bottle and front label but the spec sheet on the back is different. Part number 4431 is traditional 5w30. Part number 4436 is European...
  18. jdn112011

    Long arm and prerunner kits Very expensive but pretty impressive pending someone wanted to go crazy with a build. Longarm front suspensions run 20" travel. Pretty crazy
  19. jdn112011


    jdn112011 submitted a new Garage Item: Longhorn Read more about this showcase item here...
  20. jdn112011

    hypermiling ecodiesel

    I've got 355 miles on the clock on this tank of fuel so far. I've driven from Roseau MN (10 miles from Canadian Border) to the Mall of America Bloomington, MN Pretty damn good. 3 persons and some light luggage. Been driving 56-60MPH only surpassing that to 63MPH to hit Aero then backing off...