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Search results

  1. murrrphh

    Oil change without flash

    I never got the truck flashed and switched to Rotella. No problems, no codes. I don't use the oil life indicator anyway, just off mileage
  2. murrrphh

    CT-VA Trip Report

    This past weekend I drove my truck down to VA for a track day. All the gear and bikes probably came out to around an 800 pound payload. Happy to say the truck had no problems whatsoever. I did about 23-24 MPG down and I don't really take it easy. I did not use cruise as I usually see better...
  3. murrrphh

    MPG lower while using cruise control

    Were both trips with the new shoes? Would it be possible cruise is having a harder time finding the sweet spot gear with the larger tires and wheels?
  4. murrrphh

    Class Action Lawsuit just filed (FCA/Cummins)

    It will be interesting to watch this unravel
  5. murrrphh


    My truck is a 2014 also but haven't heard any news of a recall. Fingers crossed
  6. murrrphh

    Leveling Kit: before and after

    Only 2-4mpg difference. I drive with a heavy foot too, still getting anywhere from 22-26 in rural CT
  7. murrrphh

    Leveling Kit: before and after

    You bet. Be sure to post and let us know how it turns out! It will look killer
  8. murrrphh

    Leveling Kit: before and after

    305/50r20 cooper h/t plus tire. Highly recommend. Looks aggressive enough to go with the stance but rides nice and no noise
  9. murrrphh

    Leveling Kit: before and after

    That's how much you'll be looking at with -24
  10. murrrphh

    Leveling Kit: before and after

    That should work fine man. I'm running the 20x10 with -24 offset on my 5100s with no problems at all. Ride is great and truck looks mean. The -24 will give you that stance too. The only problem you'll have with the setup is not enough room in the truck for the all the ladies it'll be getting you
  11. murrrphh

    Leveling Kit: before and after

    I could not be happier. The ride quality is fantastic and I have the bigger tires and wheels on it now. Still drives great. I'm sure you'll like them
  12. murrrphh

    Cold EcoDiesels

    5w30 is thinner than 5w40 so the 40 will take a little longer to get up to temperature. The thicker an oil is the longer it will take to get to its warmer, less viscous state. That being said, I noticed the change in pressures(just the dash reading) upon first start up after change the oil when...
  13. murrrphh

    Cold EcoDiesels

    Yes I understand that and I only use it for reference. Regardless of the unit being bogus or not, anyone who made the switch to rotella will see higher oil pressure in a cold engine inherently
  14. murrrphh

    Cold EcoDiesels

    I'm curious as to everyone's cold weather start up routines. Do you let your truck idle a bit? Plug in? I typically plug in below freezing and usually let it idle a for a few minutes. With the rotella and a cold engine, I usually see oil pressure anywhere from 45-55 psi on start up. Once it's...
  15. murrrphh


    I'm seeing about 22-24 mpg around rural CT roads with a heavy foot and 33 inch tires. Needless to say, I'm pretty pleased
  16. murrrphh

    1500 mile trip with the EcoDiesel

    Happy to hear good things about the Eco
  17. murrrphh

    Gear Alloy Wheels?

    Check out customoffsets.com. You might be able to find some info on them there
  18. murrrphh

    Post your aftermarket wheel/tire setup

    I'm running 20x10 Moto metal MO962's with -24 offset wrapped in 305/50r20 cooper h/t plus. Bilstein 5100 adjustable level set at 2.1. No rubbing no trimming.
  19. murrrphh

    New Wheels/Tires

    Went with Moto Metal MO962's in 20x10 with -24 offset. Tires are 305/50r20 cooper h/t plus
  20. murrrphh

    14 dripping oil

    ANOTHER UPDATE: got the truck back this morning, pulled off the lot and noticed a tick when accelerating. Turned right around and they're looking now.