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    Eco Diesel Engine maintenance and upgrades

    It is still installed. I was referring to the oil I changed at 20k. I still have it since it's good to use if I need it. Any bypass system is better than stock. On my last diesel I built my own bypass system. I just didn't feel like doing that this time. When I got mine Insane was the only ones...
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    Eco Diesel Engine maintenance and upgrades

    I would change your and test your old oil and use a high quality oil like Amsoil or Lorenzo's Oil. Testing your oil will tell you what kind of wear there is on the inside of the engine. Soot from the EGR is your enemy. Soot is cooled in the EGR and then dumped into your oil causing premature...
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    Hopefully that's the cause of the overheating. It would suck doing all that work and it still be and issue. Before changing the head gaskets I would get the head tester for $35 you'll know in 20 seconds if it is the HG.
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    I would find a different mechanic. There is a reason it is overheating. There is a kit that you can buy to check a head gasket failure on amazon. It is this blue fluid that you pump air from the coolant reservoir. There are also youtube channels that show you how it works. I would do that first...
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    Failed 2017 ECO 63299 Miles

    That sucks! My 2017 was 13k miles (113,000) out of warranty and I got Ram to replace it under warranty. I just had to pay the deductible for my 100k warranty of $1500. I told my service adviser at my dealer that I have had 5 diesels that each have over 300k miles on them and they are still going...
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    I'd have it checked for a head gasket failure. If everything has been replaced in the cooling system then that is the only thing left. Might want to find a different mechanic. There is a thread on the first page here about a turbo coolant line that is under the intake that fails. That may be...
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    Catch can check engine light problems

    I was thinking of doing a catch can but haven't had a chance to look for one. Which one did you go with? What is the code? That will tell you which sensor needs to be causing the problem. More important than a catch can is a bypass filter. The EGR dumps soot back into the oil causing engine...
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    VM Motori, oil, map, and GDE tune MPG

    I am one of those guys whose 2017 1500 Laramie engine failed. It was at 113k. Spun bearing. I was lucky and got the manufacturer to replace it under warranty. My truck is now at 180k ish miles. I have 65k or so on the new engine. After the failure I started doing research here and other places...
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    Exhaust filter

    You need an obd2 scanner that is bidirectional that will allow you to send force regen command. Not sure which scanners on the market have this capability.
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    2016 2019 owner

    I added an insane diesel bypass filter after my engine replacement. I haven't noticed any metal in my oil or filters.
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    Oil temp too high light

    It was the turbo coolant line and coolant valve. They are under the intake on the back of the engine. It cost me $2200. They had to take everything of the top of the engine to get at it.
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    Oil temp too high light

    It got up to 297. I think I figured out the problem. Looks like the EGR Cooler seal gave out. The coolant temp didn't climb. I noticed the coolant tank low. When I poured hot water in it gushed out the passenger side right where the egr cooler is.
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    Oil temp too high light

    I was just driving my 2017 ram 1500 ad the oil temp too high light came on and the truck went into limp mode. The oil pressure was good as well as the coolant and trans temp. No leaks. 46k on new engine.
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    Oil system

    I have 152k miles on my 2017 ram 1500 and 38k Miles on the new engine ram put in under warranty. It was a spun bearing. Just shy of 30k I put and insane diesel bypass filter on and it appears to be keeping the oil clean however I had a Spinner II 25 centrifuge fall into my lap. I am thinking of...
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    Is this 2018 EcoDiesel dead (rod bearings failure) ?

    I just bought an oil bypass system from extreme diesel. Hopefully keeping the oil clean will prevent it from happening again.
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    Is this 2018 EcoDiesel dead (rod bearings failure) ?

    mine went out with 113k miles. I was 13k over the warranty. I had the dealer contact the ram area service rep to see what they could do because it shouldn't have happened that soon since I have 3 other diesel trucks with 300k+ miles with no issues. It took a couple months but they replaced it...
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    Oil filler cap

    Anyone have issues with their oil filler cap coming off? I have had 2 filler caps come off. I have no idea how or which road their on. This is on my 2017 1500 eco diesel.
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    Well it finally happened.....

    My vote is battery related. I have got brand new batteries that failed in a week or so. For the past 9 moths or so I didn't notice a slow crank on my truck but my radio touch screen would freeze but the buttons on the steering wheel for the stereo worked. I would do this almost every morning...
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    150,000km 2018 bighorn blown motor

    Last October 12, I had an appointment with my dealership to do recall work on my 2017 1500 ecodiesel. The saturday before my son went to take it and it started and died. I figured it was a fuel filter so I replaced it and started the truck and it started grinding. Had it towed to the dealer and...
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    Spun bearing

    The Nox sensor blew off. When they put in the new engine they didn't tighten it down enough. It blew off in 12k miles.