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    3.0 eco deisel engine failure

    I'm thinking if your DEF is flowing, and gets used up, the SCR is clean then you are good. Our truck was one DEF tank per year, wasn't used much, all short distance, idling etc. My god the worst thing ever for this exhaust treatment system. If the exhaust treatment system is removed, then there...
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    2018 Ram 1500 Laramie EcoDiesel died

    Me too, thought it was the tone wheel. Bosch pump. Bosch doesn't make junk, so something is unexpected there.
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    2015 Ram Ecodiesel incorrect def fluid detected, what now??

    Might have a bad NOx sensor. That is what our did before the engine let go ;)
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    3.0 eco deisel engine failure

    The problem with ALL diesel motors starts with emissions law (EPA). Have to say diesels are pretty nasty oil burners. Modern gas is much cleaner and simpler with just a single catalytic and a couple of O2 sensors. Ok so engineers at Bosch build the impossible - 1. A particulate filter, 2. A...
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    3.0 eco deisel engine failure

    The website does allow an engine selection button after model etc
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    3.0 eco deisel engine failure

    Blown engines happen, time to fix it. That's motoring 101. Class action suits etc nothing but aggravation and noise. Why is it that when $hit happens it's supposed to be someone else's problem?? Your problem started with buying given the terms (no warranty etc). My truck blew at 30K miles! And...
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    3.0 eco deisel engine failure

    Why not look into a good/used motor? https://www.car-part.com/
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    Would you go GEN3?

    I'm so "souped up" that it be difficult to go back but a 2021 Limited ED looks pretty sweet and everybody so scared $hitless of them prices are good. My truck: Tune and deleted Anti-gravity Lion battery Cross drilled MAXX brakes 1" spacers Bilstein shocks, Airlift 1000 Surfboard rack and custom...
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    Bilstein 4600 (Rear shocks)

    I added Airlift 1000's and now Bilsteins. Happy with both! The Bilsteins are pretty tight!
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    Block heater.

    Yes! I have one on mine, makes a big difference if ambient is below freezing. I did start at lower temps, slow crank and stalled when pulling out of a snow drift.
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    It happened, my 2018 ecodiesel engine blown up

    Hey Randy - PDR Diesel in Langley did a swap for me came out great. I found a good used motor up in Prince George and then Garrett did a full delete/tune. I am towing with it driving south now. It was $20K to fix it but we only had 50K kms on the truck! Runs so well now. No worries. PS: We...
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    Dead truck/fried starter

    I wonder how the engine turns (crank pully rotating) when hot? Main bearings? Hope not
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    VM Motori, oil, map, and GDE tune MPG

    Aint the oil, but good oil obviously helps. From the VM website, these motors ran great in marine applications with unrestricted exhaust. Therefore I think it's the DPF tbh. Our DPF was always chock full, averaging 70% and the engine crated at 30K miles. I ran Lucas CJ-4 oil at the time, and it...
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    Payload increase 2018 EcoDiesel Laramie

    There is no way in heck I would ever use a slide-in camper with a RAM. Not a fan of them in any case due to high COG. However, you can increase payload, here's some ideas. Just have to reduce weight held by the springs: Rough #'s Lithium battery 50 lbs Full delete, with no EGR/DEF etc. approx...
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    Engine disaster, piston broke

    Confusing post Sounds like the DEF injector. It sticks out of the SCR I believe
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    Need help

    I was towing a month ago, came out of gas station up a hill and had a similar turbo flutter, marginal power. Seemed to clear itself after backing off and then putting my foot in it.
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    My Truck "jerks" or "kicks" hard while driving.

    Engine : Fuel or ignition. There are no ignition coils on a diesel, therefore would be glow plug. Fuel it would toss a code, not sure for injector issues. Trans: Fluid level doesn't throw a code either. Note that when cold trans fluid level is lower, and expands with heat. My truck was low...
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    My Truck "jerks" or "kicks" hard while driving.

    Check the trans fluid level. There is a procedure to do this, running in idle, level pan, after cycling through the gears.
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    Harmonic Balancer Bolt

    I do cars teardown, 15:00 min mark. "Reverse thread I guess" clockwise impact it spins off pretty nicely. Heat is always a good primer - like a propane torch, but I never used one on a crank bolt. It's a left handed thread, so if you are facing the front of the engine clockwise is the correct...
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    Dead Eco Diesel engine at 51,000.

    Man that's my worst nightmare. Lucky they are doing the work. Mine was significant cost to get back on the road. But it's been great. We just started Airstreaming and planning a Cali trip this December - coming down from Vancouver BC. Current plan, first stop is Trinidad, not going too South (SF...