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Search results

  1. k9s4hire

    SFT Tuning Vs. Box Tunes.

    Thanks CDS but I've already done the lawsuit update. I'm one of the lucky ones that actually gained MPG's after the factory update. I just purchased a new travel trailer and it is right at (fully loaded) my trucks tow limit and was just looking for something that might help get me a little...
  2. k9s4hire

    SFT Tuning Vs. Box Tunes.

    I've just started the process of shopping for a tuner or something to give me more power and better fuel MPG while not towing my travel trailer. GDE says "sold out". Is this due to the Government making tuners illegal? Does "Sold out" mean no longer selling? What are my options or am I too...
  3. k9s4hire

    New Site is LIVE!

    Very nice
  4. k9s4hire

    Awesome Looking Head Unit Replacement

    I was just starting to get excited about this system until your post. I would like a system with a 10" screen and Android friendly. The system in my truck right now is awesome but it irks me that I can't add apps I want and use my own nave app instead of paying a ransom every year or two to...
  5. k9s4hire

    2016 Ram Eco Limited GPS problems.

    Just got back from Vacation. Drove from Tacoma WA to Las Vegas then San Diego and back home. The GPS was worthless. A couple of times the screen in the cluster said turn left while the main screen said turn right. We asked "Travellink" for the nearest low cost diesel and it proceeded to...
  6. k9s4hire

    TonnoPro hard tri-fold

    My last 1500 had the Tonno Pro hard tri-fold and it does not fit the new EcoDiesel 1500. My question is what is the consensus on Tri-Folds? The Tonno Pro runs a little over $500. I have no complaints regarding the Tonno Pro but before I spend another $500 I'd like opinions on better options...
  7. k9s4hire

    Extra Factory Tires for sale

    Hey REcoD, I live Near JBLM. I just took delivery of my 2016 limited a few weeks ago. One of the reasons for picking this truck is because my wife puts a lot of miles on her vehicles. I am always looking for ways to cut the cost of that long commute and tires may be a good start. I'm afraid...
  8. k9s4hire

    Uconnect Pandora

    I have not had that problem but I have had problems on my 2013 1500. I don't mess with the Uconnect Pandora app anymore. I just connect via my phones blue tooth and the stereo system.
  9. k9s4hire

    Debadging a Limited tailgate

    Murderer! LOL
  10. k9s4hire

    average MPG towing with the ecodiesel

    Reading all these posts on MPG makes me really happy at our decision to purchase the EcoDiesel. I owned a 2001 2500 Cummings. The MPG hardly changed empty or loaded. The most I could get out of her was 18 MPG. Having a rig that can wear different hats for different needs is impressive. I am...
  11. k9s4hire

    Need a heads up on what to ask while shopping for our new EcoDiesel

    I actually love my Tonno Pro hard tri-fold. I broke one of the hinges because I placed something in the bed that would not allow me to close it and instead of just folding it back I drove as is. I contacted Tonno Pro and then sent me a replacement with instructions on how to repair it good as...
  12. k9s4hire

    Need a heads up on what to ask while shopping for our new EcoDiesel

    We got everything that the Limited comes with I think. We HAD to have the electric folding mirrors so the one they showed us did not have the factory trailer brakes (they said the trailer brakes only come with the towing mirror model). Was ready to walk away and keep looking but they offered...
  13. k9s4hire

    Need a heads up on what to ask while shopping for our new EcoDiesel

    Thanks everyone. They are bringing one to the dealership tomorrow or Saturday that has what we requested. Cross your fingers it's everything I hope it is.
  14. k9s4hire

    Need a heads up on what to ask while shopping for our new EcoDiesel

    My wife and I are trading in our 2013 Ram 1500 4x4 for a new 2016 EcoDiesel. We are looking at the Limited Laramie 4x4 with four corner air ride. This will be our second Ram Diesel. I had a 2001 2500 and loved it. My wife will be using it as a daily driver. She drive an hour each way for...