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Search results

  1. WesMgc

    Help. Cooper ATW or STT PRO

    Atw Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. WesMgc

    RECALL R23 - Safety recall

    I have had them all completed now they are just small little things reprogram and inspection.No big deal
  3. WesMgc

    Great news on the new edge update

    I would have the tune of the Canadian dollar was stronger can't see paying 35% more right now (ouch )
  4. WesMgc

    Great news on the new edge update

    I see you can now do a force regen when the truck is in motion and it has a R lit up when the truck is in regen very surprised to see that edge put this in an update not just a new unit that has this built in. This is for the edge cts models up I will be updating mine today.
  5. WesMgc

    Video on Emissions Removal

    Oh ya and up 30000 fine depending on state and county just ask VW
  6. WesMgc

    New Edge updates are out

    New update is out looks like distance from last regen is back Valued Customer, We are excited to announce new updates to the Edge lineup! Edge produces the best-in-class products for the performance market. Below, you will find new updates added to the award-winning CTS2 line of products and...
  7. WesMgc

    Recall letter R 36 steering wheel wiring

    Just though I would post pic of recall I have had it repaired already
  8. WesMgc

    I get my new Ecodiesel Oct 7th

    Welcome nice truck you are going to love it
  9. WesMgc

    Time to convert?

    Ok here it is simplified ,if you read the forms on the new 2015 ford Ecoboost they have a lot of problems with truck and engin if you read the forms on the GM truck they have a lot of problems with the cyl that have the 4 6 8 technology burning oil 2-3 litters of oil per oil change and blown...
  10. WesMgc

    RECALL R23 - Safety recall

    I think so you can call your dealer and give them your vin number or they may have it on file because you bought it from them they can give you all outstanding recalls on your truck they have that infow before you get the letter .
  11. WesMgc

    MY NEW 2015 RAM ECO diesel.... 1500

    Hi Connie I had 2012 f 150 Ecoboost fx4 put 90000 km on traded it in on a 2014 Ram Laramie load with every option would never ever go back to that fuel guzzling rough riding ford. Welcome to the Ram side
  12. WesMgc

    Anyone change their own oil?

    Thanks great deal
  13. WesMgc

    Anyone change their own oil?

    Please up date us with Kendal specs and where can we pick this up.
  14. WesMgc

    Priming Fuel Filter after change

    Beats the day you use to have to bleed the fuel line at the head. Just turn the key that's great
  15. WesMgc

    RJ here

    This color is starting to become very popular looks great welcome and enjoy your new truck.
  16. WesMgc

    Check Engine Light

    Very good glad to hear it's all good and thanks for up date
  17. WesMgc

    Anyone change their own oil?

    It's protected by cross member I have one on now no problems as per filter it's on side of motor but near the top. If you YouTube it moporecodiesel has a video on the complete job with the valve in action he is also a member here .
  18. WesMgc

    Engine Oil Analysis

    Shawn does oil testing every oil change.
  19. WesMgc


    Bulk filling I was on empty took $20.00 to fill bulk Def
  20. WesMgc

    Missing rubberized tray liner???

    Wow OMG what did you take the truck in for bring it back and bitch.