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    Totally normal for a diesel. With the EGR dumping exhaust back into the intake manifold your new oil will be black after a few hundred miles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How many miles on your Ecodiesel ??

    77000 on my 14. Did just my first Blackstone and the results came back great according to them. Hopefully all continues well for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How many miles on your Ecodiesel ??

    2014 @ 77k miles SCR replaced EGT sensor 1 replaced Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Engine oil Bypass filter

    You have went through multiple regens you just haven't had a dash notification.
  5. L


    Yeah I agree. I know we can use it to data log our trucks but not flash. Being able to flash could open up some more aftermarket options for us. Excited to see what happens in the next year if the eco is still being produced.
  6. L


    Heard through the grapevine that EZLynk is real close to flash support for the eco. Anyone have some input on this?
  7. L

    Anyone Have 5th Wheel Setup In Short Box Eco?

    You have a 5.5' bed I'm assuming? I would think even with a sliding fifth wheel hitch a 5.5' bed would be tight. I have seen guys pull some fifth wheels with their eco. Truck can definitely do it. One of he main points is your pin weight in the bed. Finding one that won't put you over your...
  8. L

    Green Diesel Engineering Turbo Kit

    How are things coming along with the new product? Anything else new in the works?
  9. L

    Any Turbo problems with PPEI tune?

    I haven't heard of any turbo failures from guys running any tune.
  10. L

    Towing Temps

    The truck will derate itself on oil around 270. Your temps seem pretty normal for towing up a grade I wouldn't worry to much. If you want to help cool it some remove the grill shutters and open up the front end some. I have had mine removed for almost 2 years now and it definitely helps cool...
  11. L

    How many miles on your ecodiesel and have you had any problems?

    Just about 63k on my 14. I've had the SCR recall done along with the other recalls. Only other reason mine was in the shop was my EGT 1 sensor went out. Other than that the truck has been great. Planning to delete again this summer.
  12. L

    New member

    20" wheels. I didn't notice a drop at all really. I did the Bilsteins up front also. Set at 2.1". Did level almost immediately after buying my truck. I'm at about 33k on my G2s. Probably have to replace them for winter. We'll see though.
  13. L

    New member

    new member to the forum here. I have a 14 with just about 63k on the clock now. Truck is leveled running stock size Nitto G2s. Tuned by GDE with emissions intact since about 30k miles. I average 25-26 pretty consistently but my lifetime average is about 22. My only other mod currently is AFE...