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    Morning my name is Kennon Houston, i purchased a 2015 ram ecodiesel a couple years ago in far west texas. It runs great ,great fuel mileage.ran into

    Could be your gas pedal glitching. I know in some of the older fords with electronic pedals, if you held the pedal down it wouldn’t start it would just crank over and over until you released the pedal, it could be you pressing the pedal is essentially finding the zero position to let it start
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    2014 eco

    Most likely you’ll need alfaobd to reset the countdown or the dealer can
  3. T

    New to the forum

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    Oil change problem

    There’s a previous post on this, I’m pretty sure the whole oil filter assembly was changed to correct it but I could be wrong
  5. T

    System voltage low

    Alternator maybe?
  6. T

    Recommendations for glow plug removal kit

    Look at your local heavy equip mechanic shops (dozers, loaders, ect) as most of the time they have a mechanic that can make it happen. The equippment industry is used to working on engines in place and should be able to help. If the shop won’t do it, a mechanic on the side will
  7. T


    This will occur as your crank case vents into your intake before the turbo
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    DIY Turbo replacement

    I fear mine was starting to go when I blew a boot on intercooler piping, but it seems to be holding on. What was odd, I never received any codes indicating low boost pressure, only the dummy lightning bolt! Looking back, would a body lift kit have allowed for a few extra inches of accessing the...
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    Eco diesel with sootsensor

    My guess is the tune took care of egr operation as I’m unaware of any tune, other than a cali compliant tune that would do that. Try unplugging it and if no codes pop up it’s off and your safe!
  10. T

    Eco diesel with sootsensor

    What brand is your tune? Typically when you lose dpf you lose egr as the system is hand in hand. If you unplug the two plugs on egr, and start the engine, that will tell you if it’s operating or not by an instant check engine light. You can buy the diffuser delete plates pretty cheap and leave...
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    Eco diesel with sootsensor

    If you did a dpf delete then most likely your egr is non operational
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    Installed oil catch can - CEL light came on

    I’m unaware of anyone who has done it on anything other than the pcv side as the idea behind it is to stop oil from cycling through the intake air side of the turbo.
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    Installed oil catch can - CEL light came on

    It’s a common occurrence with this mod for some reason. Some haven’t had a code but most do. Some have found oversizing the lines have helped the code
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    SFT Sale

    IMO it looks like egr has failed and is allowing soot and coolant into the intake. I say that because typically the soot buildup is dry, that looks wet. Per SKT, when I got my tune it showed egr was still active. I unplugged the 2 plugs going to it and did not have any errors pop up. So, if you...
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    SFT Sale

    It depends on how you order it. When I ordered mine it was an option to select it removed
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    AlfaODB and DPF Regen

    You may need a security gateway bypass since it’s newer. Cannot remember the technical term for it lol
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    AlfaODB and DPF Regen

    I have forced regen. Pretty sure I also checked dpf level but that was years ago now
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    New subscriber, Hello!

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    Muffler Delete

    Yes the mufflers are the same
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    Muffler Delete

    It makes a little deeper tone on the dual outlet setup. If I lay into it pulling a trailer it gets a little loud but nothing overbearing. Honestly I’m wondering if deleting the resonators would give me more noise. Overall it didn’t make as much difference as I was expecting but it makes it more...