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Search results

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    Wanted OBD2 Tool With Forced DPF Regen

    I bought an INNOVA 5160rs from AutoZone for just the forced Regen...it has RAM software I want to say it was $260 don't buy the Harbor Freight they wouldn't give a return if it didn't have the Regen. Just follow the directions from an online manual hit start it does the rest I don't want to...
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    Vibration damper bolt

    I have my crank locked Trying to get the Vibration damper Bolt loosened. Im turning clockwize (left hand thread)and it's not moving should I free up the crank (take out the timing tool) for some reason. I watched a tear down video of the ecodiesel on YouTube and in the video it comes right off...
  3. R

    Def injector connector (male)

    Off of the Transmission harness
  4. R

    Cylinder head removal do to a mushroomed glowplug

    s Thanks I ended up removing the HPFP last night after locking the crank ... Your right Im noticing alot of it gunking mostly in my sensors. I haven't been able to take off my intake manifold yet because one bolt on the EGR elbow is stripped but I'm guessing the swirl valves will be gummed up...
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    Cylinder head removal do to a mushroomed glowplug

    I’m taking the left side (driver) cylinder head off. To fix cylinder glow plug that won’t come out. I’ve taken off the left upper timing cover A.C. Bracket and locked my crank ATDC (cams and timing chains are still on) just to give an idea where I’m at. I was planning on marking all the gears...
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    6th Cylinder glow plug

    Hello everyone I got a code regarding a bad 6 cylinder glow plug two Thursdays ago I brought it in the garage and began to replace the # six plug it was a little tough at first but worked it out. It was spinning on the top "freely" just would not come out. Since then over a week ago I go to work...
  7. R

    Need help with Def injector 2 pin connector

    I posted my troubles a few weeks back about my flange bolts rusting out and ruining my Def injector. I got a used injector however the electrical connector that clips to the injector is completely melted...in short I need the female connector that clips to the injector or if there's a way to...
  8. R

    SCR/Def injector flange bolts Rust problem

    Never saw you replied it's got 115,000 And I'm still dealing with it I got a new/used Def injector however the female connector that clips to the injector I can't find
  9. R

    SCR/Def injector flange bolts Rust problem

    Just letting every know I started hearing a whistling Noise about a 1000 miles ago then it went away...recently my exhaust started sounding like it was under water...Driving on the Highway I got the service DeF see dealer vehicle won't restart in 200 miles message...I looked under the vehicle...
  10. R

    Glow plugs brand and part number

    Hello I have a 2015 Big Horn in with a V6 ecodiesel and I'm wondering what kind of glow plugs I need to replace them thanks for any info.