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2016 Laramie Longhorn Limited


Oct 22, 2016
Truck Year
I bought my limited diesel and took delivery on 6.3.16. I love the truck and just turned 17k on it and another 3k on loaners. I have been plagued with primarily electrical problems. From dashboard lockups to key not detected to oil not resetting to nav locking up and camera being a red x when backing up.

I have been working with my dealer and Ram (star) with no outcome. They keep saying the keyfob has to have 3.2 volts or the fob won't work on a battery that is only rated for 3.1 volts.. All the other functions work but it won't start. If it acts up, You can go 20 feet away and start it remotely but you can't start it inside. Is anyone else having this issue?

My oil guage used 3 per cent in 258 miles. When I had the oil recall done, they could not reset it at all. Just a side note, but I lost mileage when they switched it to rotella. It is between 3 and 4 mpg. Am I the only one?

The dash just locks up. One time, the nav in the center of the gauges showed turn right in 50 ft. for 21 miles. Guages stop working and the radio touch goes dead.

As far as the physical truck goes, it is really a nice truck. The RamBox is fantastic. The seats are beautiful but not made for someone who is over 6 foot and big. The air ride is fantastic.

I installed a bed slider which is great for us people who have disabilities. instead of leaning on your tippy toes, you slide the bed out where it is comfortable.