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Cleaning the DPF filter

A standup guy

New Member
Oct 12, 2021
Truck Year
Hey everyone. I was curious if anyone has tried cleaning they're DPF filter? I'm wondering if regens don't get everything, eventually stuff builds up until you need something more thorough to really get it back to base. I've seen some products out there for it, wondering if its worth doing or having done. Anyone have any experience with this?


New Member
Feb 19, 2022
Truck Year
I haven’t personally don’t it but I belive Liquid Molly makes a DPF cleaning solution that comes with a tool that will allow you to enter through the the sensor port and not have to remove the DPF filter. If you do have a really clogged up filter you can remove it and use pressure washer to spray into the DPF in the opposite direction that the air would flow. I’ve heard this is almost as good as a expensive clean from a garage that specializes in clean them