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Ecodiesel Burnt oil smell Through vent


New Member
Nov 18, 2019
Truck Year
Hey guys,
I'm new here and pretty happy with my new purchase (EcoDiesel 2015)

I currently have 69k KM on it and I have this weird burnt oil smell coming from the vent. Normally happen when idling for a while or when engine is cold.
Exemple: Starting the truck with my remote let it warm up for 5-10 minutes then drive couple hundred feets and stop to an intersection and I can definitely smell it (50% time) till it warm up.

Oil is displaying 55% life, it's not overfilled and don't seem to have any oil leakage underneath or around exhaust manifold etc....

Thanks helping out !


Well-Known Member
Nov 21, 2018
Truck Year
Not Listed
welcome 2 the group check the tail piped and see if they r black inside the chrome take the top cover off and the 2 foam pads and look and see if the injectors r leaking