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EcoDiesel Engine Failure at 5,500 miles (9,200 kms) Aug 2018


New Member
Aug 15, 2018
Truck Year
Good day,

I had the unfortunate luck to have the EcoDiesel in my new Laramie suffer a main bearing failure while on a road trip. the truck lost power and the engine shredded itself into a fine mulch of metal filings and bearing bits.

This was more than 500 kms from my home -- but the local Ontario Chrysler dealership was great. Gave me a truck to use for the rest of my trip.

However, when I returned to the dealership a week later on my way home, the engine had not been replaced and I am still driving the rental truck.

I called FCA's warranty department -- I knew it wouldn't go well when the first question the customer service rep asked is if the engine replacement is under warranty. I asked if FCA could ship the repaired truck to me, given it is a 12 hour drive there and back to the repair dealership.

FCA's rep basically said not a chance. go get the truck yourself, it doesn't matter how far from your home truck engine failed. It isn't FCA's problem.

Has anyone on this group experienced a similar situation and did FCA ship the repaired truck back to you?