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hello all!!!


New Member
Jun 28, 2018
Truck Year
just bought my 2015 eco ram. Has 35000 miles on it. so far i love it compared to my 2011 silverado. but im not to impressed with the fuel mileage on this one. reason i bought this one is i test drove a 2014 that had 23000 miles on it. on the overnight test ride we drove it about 70 miles. 15 of that was highway at 70 miles an hour. the rest was 10pm drive up thru the side streets of suburban chicago area. so not alot of stop and go but some lights. that truck averaged 27 miles per gallon. were as this one i just bought prob gets about 22-23. this weekend ill copy the test drive with this one and see how different it is.

why would the same truck gearing wise be so different. i dint drive any different. maybe the GDE tune will raise that up to near 30? experiences? real world mileage for u guys before and after ?